National Treasures

[Interview] Laine Ross and David Vice of the Panama Hotel Legacy Film

A conversation with the producers behind the Panama Hotel Legacy Film project.
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[Photos] Explore the Ancestral Places of Southeast Utah

Discover the historic sites and stories of the Colorado Plateau in our latest Exposure.
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[Q&A] Young Preservationist Maddie Gregurek on Theodore Roosevelt's Preservation Legacy

Maddie Gregurek spotlights Theodore Roosevelt’s leadership and legacy in the conservation and preservation movement.
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[Travel Itinerary] Lowell, Massachusetts

Our historic travel itinerary for Lowell, Massachusetts includes Industrial Revolution relics, a classic boxing arena, and plenty of Jack Kerouac.
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Down To the Wire Episode 4: The James River Matters

Check out the final clip in our video series to see how we made sure that Dominion got our message loud and clear.
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Original Whitney Studio

On May 1, the Whitney Museum of American Art opened a new building. Here are five cool facts about the original Whitney Studio.
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[Interview] Bestselling Author Jamie Ford: “When You Lose That Continuity, You Lose Something Greater”

Author Jamie Ford discusses how the Panama Hotel grounds his novel “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.”
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On the River, Episode 6: Alternatives -- Other Options for the James River

Dominion's proposed power lines would ruin the James River. But there are other options.
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On the River, Episode 5: The African-American Experience on the James River

Learn more about the cultural and economic African-American connection to the James River.
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On the River, Episode 4: Colonial Parkway – A Scenic Drive Through History

Dominion's power line proposal poses a direct threat to the Colonial Parkway and the historic experience of the James.
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On the River, Episode 3: Jamestown -- Birthplace of Modern America

Dominion's power line proposal poses a direct threat to the James River's cultural crown jewel; Jamestown.
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On The River, Episode 2: The James River's Environmental Wonders

Dominion's power line proposal threatens tremendous natural resources at the James River. See the beauty with your own eyes.Read More »

On The River: Episode 1 Takes You Down the Historic James River

Our first "On the River" video puts you at the front of the boat for a virtual trip through this historic waterway.
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[Interview] Matthew Silva, Modern Champion for a “Modern Ruin”

Read this insightful Q&A with Matthew Silva to learn how he became the New York State Pavilion's biggest cheerleader.
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#DownToTheWire Episode 3: Jamestown Landing Day at the James River

The campaign travels to Historic Jamestowne, near the site Dominion Virginia Power is proposing to construct power lines.
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Painted Memoir: The Story of Clementine Hunter and the African House Murals

Clementine Hunter used her paint brush to tell the story of the Cane River Creole community at Melrose Plantation.
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Celebrating National Park Week 2015: Where History and Nature Intersect

There's lots of crossover between National Park sites and National Treasures. Discover more during National Park Week 2015.
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'Down to the Wire' Episode 2: Down to the Wire Hits the Road

In Episode Two of the Down to the Wire video series, Richmond residents speak out against Dominion Power's plan to cross the James.
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Introducing the Panama Hotel, A Bittersweet Symbol of Hope

The Panama Hotel in Seattle has been named the newest National Treasure.
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Saving the Palace of the Governors is Personal

Native New Mexican Tom Wall shares why the Palace of the Governors matters to him -- and the community.
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‘Down to the Wire’ Episode 1: What’s Happening to the James River?

Dominion Virginia Power wants to build a high-voltage power line across the James. Help us save the river!
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“Everyone Should Visit Fort Monroe”: Reflecting on the Future of a National Treasure

As the National Trust wraps up its Fort Monroe advocacy campaign, Rob Nieweg shares what he's learned.
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Childhood Home of Civil Rights Pioneer Pauli Murray Now a National Treasure

Pauli Murray's remarkable legacy -- as activist, attorney, poet, and more -- will have a new chapter at her old home.
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The Royal Visit Continues: Preservation in Louisville

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla engaged with the National Trust in Louisville, Kentucky.
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A Royal Visit to President Lincoln's Cottage

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visit President Lincoln's Cottage.
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Walker, Whitney, and Other American Women Whose Stories Need Celebrating

The National Trust is ensuring the legacy of unique American women continues at the places that matters to them.
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Introducing African House, A Melting Pot of the Antebellum South

Introducing our newest National Treasure, African House at Melrose Plantation in central Louisiana.
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Big Win at Pullman Historic District, Now a National Monument!

President Obama designated Pullman Historic District as a National Monument today. Let's celebrate!
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10 Iconic Movie Sets Starring … The Antiquities Act!

An R2-D2 character visits Death Valley (also known as the planet Tatooine in "Star Wars"). Credit: Alyse & Remi, Flickr
This Oscar season, learn which of our most beloved movies were filmed in landscapes protected by the Antiquities Act.
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The Palace of the Governors: Santa Fe’s Unexpected Colonial History

Think that U.S. colonial history is limited to the eastern seaboard? Think again. (And look west.)
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[Q&A] The Chautauqua Amphitheater: An Insider's Guide

The Amphitheater's open-air construction is one of its defining characteristics. It's speeches and concerts can be heard for blocks through the warm summer air.
An insider's guide to the significance of the Chautauqua Amphitheater, a new National Treasure.
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[Q&A] Chautauqua Amphitheater: Paul Goldberger on America's Newest National Treasure

Today, the National Trust announces the Chautauqua Amphitheater as its newest National Treasure.
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[Photos] Nashville's Music Row: Keeping the Beat

On January 12th, Nashville's Music Row was named a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
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[VIDEO] Why Shockoe Bottom is Relevant Today

Local leaders and stakeholders discuss the relevance of Shockoe Bottom today, and what they would tell the mayor about the proposed development on the site.
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[VIDEO] Why Shockoe Bottom Matters

Local leaders and stakeholders explain why Richmond's Shockoe Bottom matters, and what they'd like to see it become.
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Historic Places as Sites of Conscience: Shockoe Bottom’s Potential to Change Society

On this national day of service, consider Shockoe Bottom's potential to become a powerful Site of Conscience.
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A Letter from Lupita: Why Shockoe Bottom Deserves -- and Demands -- Protection

This heartfelt letter from actress Lupita Nyong'o makes the case for this threatened National Treasure.
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Elkhorn Ranch's Star Turn on CBS Sunday Morning

Check out what correspondent Mo Rocca had to say about Teddy Roosevelt's refuge in North Dakota.
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10 Preservation Wins & Losses in 2014

A look back at 2014's momentous milestones and unfortunate losses.
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[Preservation Tips and Tools] 7 Tips for Creating a Preservation Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops can be great tools in preservation campaigns. Here are 7 tips to ensure your pop-up is successful.
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Big Win: Manhattan Project National Historical Park Established!

Congress has authorized the establishment of a new National Park commemorating Manhattan Project history.
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See the James River in a New Way (and Help Protect the View)

Help us protect the James River at Jamestown, one of our National Treasures, from development.
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Honoring Veterans in Our Historic Preservation Work

A roundup of some of the work the National Trust has been doing to preserve and protect sites significant to veterans.
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Cincinnati's Union Terminal Now Saved for Future Generations

After months of outreach by the National Trust, Hamilton County citizens voted to save Union Terminal.
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Behind-the-Scenes Tour Shows Critical Needs at Union Terminal

You'll find Union Terminal's pressing rehabilitation needs once you go outside the areas the general public sees.
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Artful Action: How Dancer Hattie Mae Williams Combines Art, Activism, and History

Dancer and activist Hattie Mae Williams talks about her site-specific performances at two of Miami's most historic places.
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Sign the Pledge to Protect Villa Lewaro -- And Learn How You Can Tour It

As we wrap up our Spotlight on Villa Lewaro, sign our pledge to support the site's continued preservation.
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“A Sort of Monument”: Why Villa Lewaro Is More Than a Building

Kathy Dixon of the National Organization of Minority Architects discusses why Villa Lewaro's architecture still resonates.
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“Do Big Things”: Madam C.J. Walker’s Great-Great-Granddaughter on History, Ancestors, and Villa Lewaro

A'Lelia Bundles reflects on her family legacy of racial justice and economic empowerment.
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“Be Relentless in Your Dreams”: DooBop Founder Jodie Patterson on Madam C.J. Walker

Learn how the dynamic life and work of Madam C.J. Walker inspired modern-day entrepreneur Jodie Patterson.
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My Full Circle Moment with Madam C.J. Walker’s Legacy

Writer Demetria Irwin discusses the personal significance of a recent visit to Villa Lewaro.
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The Next Chapter for Villa Lewaro, Madam C.J. Walker’s “Dream of Dreams”

Madam C.J. Walker's estate represents a fascinating moment in American history. Learn how you can help save it.
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Introducing the National Trust's First Pop-Up: Cincinnati's Yes on 8 Action Center

The Yes on 8 Action Center in Cincinnati -- our first pop-up venue -- is part of the effort to save Union Terminal.
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Whitney Studio: Haven and Legacy for Early 20th-Century American Art

With the restoration of her original studio underway, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney's contributions to the art world continue to inspire.
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Art is Everywhere at Pullman Historic District

In Chicago's Pullman Historic District, creativity and artistry are flourishing.
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Q&A with Sherry Williams of the Bronzeville Historical Society

Sherry Williams of Chicago's Bronzeville Historical Society talks about African-American workers' role at Pullman.
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The Truth Behind the TV Show Manhattan: Part II

In part 2 of our interview with Heather McClenahan, you'll learn about real-life characters, "computers," and more.
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The Truth Behind the TV Show Manhattan: Part I

Expert Heather McClenahan reveals how much of WGN's new series "Manhattan" is historically accurate.
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This Labor Day, Celebrate Chicago's Pullman Historic District

The 1894 Pullman Strike led to Labor Day, making calls to create a National Park at Pullman Historic District even more timely.
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9 Iconic Movie Sets, Starring … The Antiquities Act

Today in "reel life": Some of our most beloved movies were filmed in landscapes protected by the Antiquities Act.
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Road Trip to the Secret City: Atomic History in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Raina Regan takes us through the "Secret City" in Oak Ridge, Tenn., one of three main Manhattan Project sites.
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World War I Memorials: Finding -- and Saving -- Markers of History

Art historian Mark Levitch shares why it's vital to find and protect the memorials that tell the story of the Great War.
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[Preservation Tips & Tools] How to Nominate a National Treasure

Learn how to nominate a National Treasure in your area with these tips and guidelines.
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New York State Pavilion: The World’s Fair Site that Broke the Rules

The New York State Pavilion has endured for more than 50 years, thanks to its innovative design and engineering.
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The Underground Legacy of Shockoe Bottom in Richmond, Virginia

Beneath the surface of a historic neighborhood, important clues to the history of the slave trade are waiting to be unearthed.
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Gloria Estefan Announces Major Contribution to Miami Marine Stadium

Amid a day of stunning street art, trustee Gloria Estefan shared some great news for our National Treasure.
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[Interview] Craig O'Neil Is Making ART History at Miami Marine Stadium

Get a glimpse of the upcoming art event at Miami Marine Stadium in an interview with Craig O'Neil, one of the major planners.
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Preserving an Artistic Legacy at Guerneville, Calif.'s Pond Farm

A new exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum sheds light on artist Marguerite Wildenhain's legacy at Pond Farm.
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Preserving an Iconic Landmark in Business History: Madam C. J. Walker's Villa Lewaro

Credit: ToddShepera/National Trust for Historic Preservation
Madam C. J. Walker’s Villa Lewaro estate recently became a National Treasure of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
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[PHOTOS] Lost Relics of the 1964-65 World's Fair

Credit: Bill Cotter
Almost all of the 1964-65 World's Fair pavilions were moved or demolished, or both, at the end of the fair.
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Young Preservationist Focuses His Lens on Miami Marine Stadium

Credit: Ivan Robles
A high school student in Miami uses photography to shed new light on Miami Marine Stadium's beauty and importance.
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CityLove: Chattanooga Edition

CityLove Header: Learn More!
Up next in our CityLove series: Chattanooga, Tenn., where we learn how the city became "The Scenic City."
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Historic Hinchliffe Stadium Reveals Larger Impact of African-American Legacy

Credit: S. Heffern, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Hinchliffe Stadium reminds us that many places of African-American heritage have yet to be acknowledged as significant.
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Welcome to the Future: Meet The New York State Pavilion, Our Newest National Treasure

Tour the National Trust's newest National Treasure for the 50th anniversary of the 1964-65 World's Fair.
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What Life Is Like Inside Not One, Not Two, But Three National Historic Landmarks

William Tyre of Chicago's Glessner House Museum reflects on the impact that National Historic Landmarks have had on his life.
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La Jolla Community Continues Fight for Historic Post Office

Save Our La Jolla Task Force continues to fight the USPS in La Jolla, Calif., against the sale of their historic post office.
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"A Monument to Sports Enthusiam": Dr. Larry Hogan on Hinchliffe Stadium

Dr. Larry Hogan discusses Hinchliffe Stadium and Negro League Baseball with PreservationNation.
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Hinchliffe Stadium Reveals Baseball’s Hidden History

Here, African-American and Latino players got a chance to shine during the era of segregated baseball. Learn more.
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City Unites to Save Berkeley’s Downtown Post Office

Berkeley residents and city officials alike are opposed to the sale of the city's 1914 post office building.
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Citizens Fight for the Northfield Post Office in Minnesota

When the USPS wanted to close Northfield, Minnesota's historic downtown post office, citizens rose to the occasion.
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Five Reasons We Support the Antiquities Act

The Antiquities Act, America's oldest preservation law, is under threat in Congress. Learn why it's crucial to our movement.
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Putting a Stamp on History at the Bronx General Post Office

Preservation groups, artists and a congressman have rallied to save New Deal-era murals in a Bronx post office.
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#SaveTheDome Selfies: Showing Love for a National Treasure

The Houston Rodeo is under way, but the real star? The Houston Astrodome! Check out our collection of Dome selfies.
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Restoring a National Treasure: Union Station Returns to Gilded Grandeur

Rob Nieweg takes you through the process of restoring one of Washington's greatest National Treasures: Union Station.
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Honoring a President and His Legacy: Theodore Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch

A protestor in Dickinson, N.D., shows his support for Elkhorn Ranch. Credit: ScottDRC, Photobucket
This stunning and significant landscape of Elkhorn Ranch sits amid the country's largest energy boom.
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Introducing Pullman Historic District, Now a National Treasure

The historic town of Pullman, rich in architectural, political, and social history, is now a National Treasure.
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Basel to Buffett: A Busy Time for Miami Marine Stadium

Art Basel chalet, 2013. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
International festival Art Basel and famous performer Jimmy Buffett bring out the best at Miami Marine Stadium.
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Pull Up a Seat (or Turf): Astrodome Fans Bring Home Pieces of History

Items sold at the two Astrodome “Yard Sales,
As the Houston Astrodome’s future is decided, we share stories from fans who find memories in the details.
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10 Preservation Wins in 2013

Peavey Plaza. Credit: Alexandra Easter
Though we did lose some irreplaceable historic places this past year, we also celebrated many wins. Here, the year in review.
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Fort Monroe Master Plan Approved; National Treasure Now Set for Revitalization

Sunrise over Fort Monroe. Credit: OkiGator, Flickr
Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell has approved the Fort Monroe Authority's master plan for this National Treasure. Learn more.
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The Houston Astrodome: The Saga Continues

Astrodome in the morning. Credit: Randall Pugh, Flickr
The Houston Astrodome's future is more complex than we initially thought. Learn why, and take action to help save it.
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Two Nantucket Lightship Veterans Recall Their Years Onboard

Dick Arnold (left) and Peter Brunk (right). Photos courtesy United States Lightship Museum.
As we wrap up our National Treasures work on the Nantucket Lightship, we're taking a look back at life onboard.
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[10 on Tuesday] How to Save a Historic Veterans Affairs Hospital Campus

Visitors tour the Milwaukee Soldiers Home during a Doors Open Walking Tour. (Photo courtesy Peter Zanghi, Milwaukee Preservation Alliance)
There are 150 historic hospital campuses operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs today. Help protect them!
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The Future for the Houston Astrodome Looks Bleak

Despite a positive on-the-ground campaign, Proposition 2 failed to pass in Harris County. Learn what happens next.
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[VIDEO] Saying Goodbye to Prentice Women's Hospital, a Modernist Icon

With demolition under way at Prentice Women's Hospital, staffer Chris Morris reflects on the building's legacy.
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Roamin' with the Dome Mobile: "Behind the Scenes" Edition

Go behind the scenes with the Dome Mobile team as they rally Houston to help save the Astrodome.
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Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins: Halloween Thrills at National Treasures

Lyndhurst entryway at Halloween. Credit: Krystyn Silver
Halloween thrills abound at three of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's National Treasures.
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Miami Instagrammers Take Over Miami Marine Stadium

Thirty avid shutterbugs got a backstage pass to Miami Marine Stadium and captured why it's a #ConcreteParadise.
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Dome Sweet Dome: Houston Astrodome Fans Share Their Memories

Astrodome. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
The Dome Mobile is roving around Houston and capturing locals' happy memories of the Astrodome. See our faves.
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American Express' Greatest Preservation Moments (To Date)

Facade at American Express' NYC office. Credit: Dan Sorenson Photography
American Express and the National Trust are evolving Partners in Preservation -- one of AMEX's many initiatives over the decades.
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National Treasure Terminal Island Now on Path to Preservation

Building on Terminal Island. Credit: Konabish ~ Greg Bishop, Flickr
Check out these successes in Los Angeles, from Terminal Island to the Urban Land Institute to a new field office!
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[10 on Tuesday] How to Rehabilitate a Historic Rosenwald School

blog_photo_Hope Rosenwald School
Get 10 grassroots tips for rehabbing a historic Rosenwald School in your community.
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Prentice Women's Hospital: A Eulogy

Anjulie Rao, left. Credit: Mike Hari,
Guest writer Anjulie Rao sees herself reflected in Bertrand Goldberg's iconic Modern building.
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A Threatened American Legacy at Hinchliffe Stadium

One of three remaining Negro League stadiums in the country is threatened by crumbling walls, graffiti, and disrepair.
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[10 on Tuesday] How to Save Your Historic Neighborhood School

blog_photo_Montana historic school
If a historic school in your neighborhood is at risk of being closed or torn down, today's toolkit can get you started saving it.
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[Video] Veterans Share Their Stories at the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home

This Memorial Day, listen to the moving testimonies from the The #MySoldiersHome campaign.
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Summer Travel (part 2): The Road Trip Through History Continues

We're revving our engines for more summer travel that takes us through the “Cradle of American Culture” to the Badlands.
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Summer Travel (part 1): See History Come Alive Across the Country

Your enthusiasm about discovering historic places can inspire others to visit too. So pack your bags and get going!
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[Slideshow] From Wild to Whimsical: The Gargoyles and Grotesques of Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral. Credit: Linda S. Glisson
Staffer Linda Glisson reveals the fearsome, fantastical, and funny side of Washington National Cathedral.
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An American Story on Display at the Mississippi Delta Chinese Heritage Museum

A group of former students at the Cleveland Chinese Mission School gathers at the plaque dedication. From left: Fee Joe, Ed Joe, Kellogg Wong, Fun Pang, J.W. Dunn (seated), Annette Joe, Vice Mayor Ted Campbell, and Bobby Moon. Credit: Gilroy and Sally Chow
Local preservationists are working hard to preserve a culturally distinct yet wholly American story in Mississippi.
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Joe Frazier's Gym Now Listed on the National Register

Joe Frazier's Gym in Philadelphia, Pa. Credit: warpafx, flickr
This modest, three-story space in Philadelphia will now work to secure local designation.
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If Seats Could Talk: Pulling Off A Pageant At Miami Marine Stadium

Miami Marine Stadium in 2012. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
Frank Mercado-Valdez remembers staging the first Miss Collegiate Black America Pageant at Miami Marine Stadium.
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If Seats Could Talk: Richard Nixon and Sammy Davis Jr. Share the Stage at Miami Marine Stadium

In July 1971, President Nixon (1913–1994) appointed Sammy Davis, Jr. (1925–1990), to his National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity. Credit: Marion S. Trikosko, U.S. News & World Report Magazine Collection, Library of Congress
Miami resident Stuart Blumberg recalls a surprising political moment he witnessed at the iconic stadium.
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[Slideshow] Bridges of Yosemite Valley: A Photographer's Personal Account

North side of Sugar Pine Bridge. Half Dome is viewed through the trees at left rear.
View the dazzling Sugar Pine Bridge and then take action to preserve this historic National Park structure.
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If Seats Could Talk: Johnny Reed's Death-Defying Boat Race at Miami Marine Stadium

1975 Champion Spark Plug Regatta. Courtesy Friends of Miami Marine Stadium
Our Miami Marine Stadium reflection series continues with boat racer Johnny Reed and his heartpounding memories.
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If Seats Could Talk: Mark Fried Remembers "Who" He Saw at Miami Marine Stadium

Spectators watch a twilight concert on Biscayne Bay at the Miami Marine Stadium, 1967. Credit: Florida Photographic Collection
We kick off our Miami Marine Stadium reflection series with Mark Fried's memories of musical mischief on the water.
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Mississippi Delta Tour Tells the Stories of Civil War, Civil Rights and the Blues

Dockery Farm. Credit: Carolyn Brackett
Reserve your National Trust Tours spot now to visit this unique region that forever changed America’s character and culture.
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The Nantucket Lightship Song: One Teacher's Ode to a National Treasure

John Rogers and his class onboard the Nantucket Lightship. Credit: US Lightship Museum
Boston-area teacher John Rogers has set his love of history to music -- and passed that love to his students, too.
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Women in Preservation: Girl Scout Julia Bache and the Buck Creek Rosenwald School

Julia Bache and homeowner Elaine Taylor in front of the Buck Creek School. Credit: Lisa Bache
Julia Bache is earning her Gold Award by saving a local treasure. Learn more about this inspiring young preservationist.
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[Slideshow] Behind the Scenes: Preservation Cover Shoot at Miami Marine Stadium

The city of Miami at dawn as viewed from the Miami Marine Stadium seating area.
Editor-in-Chief Dennis Hockman gives us a sneak peak into the Miami-centric cover for the Spring 2013 issue.
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Women in Preservation: How the West Side Soldiers’ Aid Society Paved the Way for the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home

(l.) Lydia Ely Hewitt, President, Wisconsin Soldiers' Home; (r.) Fanny Burling Buttrick, Vice President, Wisconsin Soldiers' Home. Photos courtesy Milwaukee County Historical Society
During the Civil War, Milwaukee's women had a vision: create a place for veterans to heal and recuperate. The results still stand.
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Voices of Rosenwald: Bishop Frederick C. James Dreams Big for Howard Junior High

Bishop Frederick C. James (screenshot). Credit: Tracy Hayes
A former Rosenwald student is leading the charge to save the schoolhouse that shaped his life. Listen to his story firsthand.
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Downton Abbey in America: San Francisco's Haas-Lilienthal House

Alice and Samuel Lilienthal’s wedding. Courtesy San Francisco Architectural Heritage
No spoilers here: Brian Turner calls out the striking similarities between the popular British drama and a real family in San Francisco.
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Cross-Examining My Family's Texas Courthouse History

The author’s great-great-great-grandfather was one of the first judges at the Comal County Courthouse. Robert Bodemann is pictured in front of the courthouse (fourth from the left) the year the structure was built. Credit: Gwendolyn Purdom
As part of the "I Love Texas Courthouses" campaign, associate editor Gwen Purdom reflects on her personal connection to an 1898 courthouse in New Braunfels, Texas.
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From Questions to Action: How Sweet Auburn Is Reviving Its Historic Community

Streetscape in Sweet Auburn. Credit: Stan Kaady
The National Main Street Center is helping the historic Sweet Auburn community revitalize its once-thriving district.
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Environmental Threats Emerge at the "Walden Pond of the West"

Photo by David Nix/
This President's Day, learn the latest developments at Elkhorn Ranch, Theodore Roosevelt's 'cradle of conservation.'
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A Love for Places and Each Other: One Couple's Historic Journey to the Altar

blog_photo_Anne and Aaron at La Salle
Celebrate Valentine's Day and Texas Courthouses with this all-about-love post.
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Voices of Rosenwald Schools: Mabel Dickey Tells Mt. Zion's Story

Mabel Dickey. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation/Clement
A former Rosenwald student is now working to save her schoolhouse. Learn how she's doing it.
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Small Gestures, Big Meaning: Show Some Love for Texas Courthouses

Jason Clement wears his heart on his sleeve. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
Send smooches across the country to 235 historic Texas courthouses and let them know they matter.
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Space to Reflect: The 57th Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service at Washington National Cathedral

Outside Washington National Cathedral the morning of the 57th Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service. Credit: NewsHour, Flickr
National Trust VP David Brown contemplates the National Cathedral's role in Inauguration weekend.
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A Sister's Love: The Story Behind the Malcolm X – Ella Little-Collins House

Built in 1874, this is the last known surviving boyhood home of Malcolm X.  Credit: Steve Dunwell
Learn about Malcom X's relationship with his half sister, who played an influential role throughout his life.
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[SLIDESHOW] Instagram Tour: Nantucket Lightship

Roberta Lane turns her Instagram lens on one of her favorite (floating) National Treasures: the Nantucket Lightship.
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[SLIDESHOW] Merry Christmas from the Historic Village of Zoar!

The setting sun over the Zoar Garden. Credit: Andy Donaldson
The setting sun falls over the Zoar Garden. What better way to celebrate the warmth and joy of the season than by returning to one of our most photogenic historic sites, the Historic Village of Zoar? Local photographer Andy Donaldson, ever ready with his camera, captured the town's recent Christmas in Zoar event, and we
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Update on the National Trust’s Sandy Recovery Efforts in NYC

Damage at Liberty Island. Credit: NPS/Daley
Learn how we're supporting the New York City metro area and our partner, the National Park Service, post-Sandy.
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A Special Message from National Trust President Stephanie Meeks

Enjoy this personal message from Stephanie Meeks about all the preservation progress we've made this year.
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Report from the Field: Sandy's Impact on Ellis Island

One month after Hurricane Sandy, staffer Roberta Lane reports back on Ellis Island's recovery efforts.
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Prentice Hospital Granted Temporary Reprieve

Check out the latest update from Prentice Women's Hospital and hear what's next for the landmark in court.
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Sitting with the Building You Love: One Photographer's View of Miami Marine Stadium

Modernist gem Miami Marine Stadium is the star of an upcoming photo exhibit. Sneak a peek (and meet the shutterbug) here.
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Bridging the Gap Between Preservation and Conservation in Yosemite National Park

Balancing the preservation of historically-significant bridges with the needs of the Merced River is a challenge at Yosemite National Park.
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[SLIDESHOW] A Fall Walk Through the Village of Zoar

Get in the Thanksgiving spirit by taking a stroll through the historic Village of Zoar with photographer Andy Donaldson.
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This Veterans Day, Help Save Places That Serve Our Soldiers

Milwaukee Soldiers Home and Battle Mountain Sanitarium are significant for veterans and history alike.
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Prentice Hospital Denied Landmark Designation; The Fight Continues

Learn how the city of Chicago's ruling impacts the future of this Modernist icon.
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A Special Brew for Chimney Rock

A local brewer crafts a special beer in honor of Chimney Rock’s National Monument designation.
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[Interview] Mike Todd, Filmmaker: Documenting Joe Frazier’s Gym

Get in the ring with director Mike Todd and learn what this National Treasure -- and Frazier himself -- signifies.
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[SLIDESHOW] Behind the Scenes at the Washington National Cathedral Restoration

Our "Preservation" editor-in-chief shares his favorite pictures of the restoration under way at the Cathedral.
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César E. Chávez Site Declared a National Monument

César Chávez National Monument becomes the 4th such designation in President Obama's administration.
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Chimney Rock to be Designated a National Monument

Today, we learned that the 4,726-acre Puebloan ancestral landscape in the mountains of southwestern Colorado known as Chimney Rock will reportedly be designated a National Monument by President Obama this Friday. The roughly 1,000-year-old remains of a Chacoan Indian settlement, Chimney Rock will be the third National Monument established by President Obama and joins the
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Full Speed Ahead: The Storied History of the Nantucket Lightship

Written by Laura Wainman, Editorial Intern In 1936, shipbuilders Pusey & Jones built a lightship to replace the ill-fated, 630-ton Nantucket/LV-117. The ship had been struck on May 15, 1934 by the Titanic’s sister ship, Olympic -- a luxury liner that was nearly 75 times larger than the Nantucket.  Four of the 11-man crew died
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National Trust Declines to Renew Stables’ Current Lease as it Considers Future Options for Historic Woodlawn Property

We've written about the threats to our Woodlawn historic property before, and wanted to keep you updated on the latest news about the site. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is considering two alignment options for widening Route 1 in Northern Virginia, adjacent to Fort Belvoir -- and both of these alternatives would negatively impact the
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Washington National Cathedral Receives $5 Million Gift Toward Restoration

Written by Nell Ziehl, Project Manager Today, on the anniversary of the August 23, 2011 earthquake, Washington National Cathedral -- one of our National Treasures -- announced a $5 million leadership gift from Lilly Endowment to aid in the building’s restoration. The Rev. Dr. Francis H. Wade, interim dean of the Cathedral, the Rev. Jean
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Vanity Fair: Paul Goldberger on the Fight to Save Chicago's Prentice Hospital

If you haven't ever seen Prentice Women's Hospital, the Modernist concrete structure that opened in Chicago in 1975, you can head to the Windy City -- or visit, the new National Trust website about America's National Treasures. There you'll discover that Prentice is much-loved and much-admired, but threatened with demolition by Northwestern University --
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Historic Opportunity at Fort Monroe: Fuel Local Economy with Historic Tax Credits

In November 2011, President Obama created the Fort Monroe National Monument to honor the 193-year-old fortress’s deep historical significance. This place literally bookends the slavery experience in America: In 1619, the first enslaved Africans in the New World landed at what is now Fort Monroe, and in 1861, the fort witnessed the beginnings of the
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Washington, DC’s Union Station: Where the Future Intersects with the Past

Written by Erica Stewart, Public Affairs Manager Union Station, a Washington, DC landmark (and one of our National Treasures) beloved by locals and visitors alike, is heading for an "extreme makeover," and we at the National Trust for Historic Preservation have joined with our preservation allies to make sure that what we know and love
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Our Op-Ed about the Future of Woodlawn, a National Treasure

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, Woodlawn is a 126-acre estate that was originally part of George Washington’s Mount Vernon. The main Federal-style house was constructed between 1800 and 1805 for Washington’s nephew, Major Lawrence Lewis, and his wife, Eleanor “Nelly” Custis Lewis. During the Lewis’ years in residence, Woodlawn comprised over 2,000 acres and was supported by
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Architects to Chicago: "Save Prentice Hospital!"

Historic Prentice Women's Hospital in Chicago received enthusiastic support from 60 remarkable allies today -- a wide swath of prominent architects from around the world, including Pritzker Prize winner Frank Gehry and MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang. In an open letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the architects cited the historic significance of Goldberg’s Prentice as well
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[Video] Miami Marine Stadium Becomes a Parkour Playhouse

See the guy in the blue shorts in the video? That's Ben Jenkin (aka Jenx). He's 21 years old and one of the founding athletes for the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF). For those unfamiliar, Parkour is a physical activity and mental discipline that focuses on efficient movement around obstacles (with strong dashes of self-expression
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The Manhattan Project: 20th Century History, 21st Century Significance

Written by Amy Cole, Senior Field Officer and Attorney The top-secret Manhattan Project has been called “the single-most significant event of the 20th century.” Begun as a small research project to develop an atomic weapon in advance of Germany, the Manhattan Project grew to include thousands of scientists working around the clock and in laboratories
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