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[Photos] Acme Feed & Seed: Revitalizing a Music City Gem

Check out photo outtakes of Nashville's Acme Feed & Seed from the fall issue of Preservation magazine.
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St. Thomas in Lake Mead: In the Midst of Drought, A Town Rediscovered

As Lake Mead retreats, the "forgotten" town of St. Thomas receives tremendous exposure.
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[Interview] Bridgekeeper Bruce O’Neal on Protecting a Freed Slave’s Legacy

Interview with Bruce O'Neal, the keeper of the last surviving bridge built by Horace King in the 1800s.
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Pyrrhus Concer’s Legacy Sails Again

The people of Southampton, N.Y. celebrate the legacy of Pyrrus Concer as they work on preserving the site of his former home.
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Saving Sweet Briar College: One Coat of Paint At A Time

Sweet Briar College, threatened with closure earlier this year, is coming back to life with the help of alumnae and volunteers.
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[In Transition] Gaiety Hollow Home & Gardens: Salem, Oregon

The legacy of Oregon's pioneering female landscape artists is saved.
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Equalization Schools: A Lesson in Education and Civil Rights

A historian discovers a largely untold story of education, segregation, and civil rights in South Carolina.
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The David & Gladys Wright House, Designed by Dad Frank Lloyd Wright, Now Saved

Learn more about how the David & Gladys Wright House was saved from demolition.
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Then and Now: What Hurricane Katrina Meant for Preservation in New Orleans

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Walter Gallas reflects on how New Orleans has recovered and changed.
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[In Transition] Pilgrim Baptist Church: Chicago, Illinois

A decade after a devastating fire, plans for Chicago's Pilgrim Baptist Church are taking a creative turn.
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How One Woman Gave Rise to Detroit's Historic Preservation Movement

Meet Beulah Groehn Croxford, the founding mother of historic preservation in Detroit.
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[Interview] Asma Jaber: PIVOTing the World of Preservation

Asma Jaber and Sami Jitan are changing the (virtual) world of preservation with their new app, PIVOT.
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[Retro Roadmap] Wildwood's Vintage Weekend: Preservation with a Tiki Twist

Check out the details of Retro Roadmap’s inaugural Vintage Weekend and plan on attending the next one in 2016!
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After Remarkable Relocation, Historic Gay Head Lighthouse Shines Again

Check out the Gay Head Lighthouse’s incredible relocation journey.
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Esther Gordy Edwards: The Pack Rat Who Preserved Music History

Esther Gordy Edwards, former vice president of Motown Records, was the founder of the Motown Museum in Detroit.
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[Q&A] Checking In: Shelby Reflects on Experience and Skills Learned a Year after HOPE Crew

Shelby of the SEEDS Youth Conservation Corps reflects on her HOPE Crew training and her new conservation opportunities.
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[Q&A] Phoebe and Richard Miles: The Historic Firestone Building Bridges the Past and Present of American Entrepreneurial Spirit

Phoebe and Richard Miles discuss the rehabilitation of the Firestone Building in Gainesville, Florida.
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[Q&A] Young Preservationist Maddie Gregurek on Theodore Roosevelt's Preservation Legacy

Maddie Gregurek spotlights Theodore Roosevelt’s leadership and legacy in the conservation and preservation movement.
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With a Little Help from Our Friends: Local Friends Group Brings HOPE Crew to San Antonio Missions

Los Compadres de San Antonio Missions works with HOPE Crew at the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.
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Celebrate 50 Years of Preservation In Denver's Larimer Square

Local preservation Dana Crawford takes you on her personal walking tour of historic Larimer Square in Denver.Read More »

Saving Savannah: The Preservation Legacy of Anna Colquitt Hunter

Learn about Anna Colquitt Hunter and her crusade to set preservation in motion in Savannah.
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[Preservation Tips & Tools] How to Save a Place: Apply for Historic Designation

This “How to Save a Place” toolkit will help you navigate through the tricky thicket of historic designations.
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[Interview] Matthew Silva, Modern Champion for a “Modern Ruin”

Read this insightful Q&A with Matthew Silva to learn how he became the New York State Pavilion's biggest cheerleader.
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“This Place Matters” Campaign Brings Historic Preservation to Twitter, Instagram

Next City covers "This Place Matters" and its capacity to spread the word about historic preservation.
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Meet the Owners of Rancho Joaquina, A Spanish Colonial Revival in Phoenix

Marc and Karen Goldblatt restored Rancho Joaquina, one of the few Spanish Colonial Revival homes in Phoenix.
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[Q&A] Trefethen Family Vineyard Prepares For Seis-able Earthquake Restoration

Rehabilitation is now under way at earthquake-damaged Trefethen, an unique National Register-listed building.
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Preserving Decay: Exploring the Ghost Town of Bodie, California

A 19th-century ghost town in Bodie, California, is kept in a state of "arrested decay."
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All in the Family: Barbara Donnelly Dishes About Lockport’s Gaylord Building

The Gaylord Building came back from the brink thanks to descendants of its one-time owners.
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One-Half the People, One-Half the History: The National Women’s Hall of Fame and its Quest to Preserve Women’s History

The National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls is telling the stories of women who don't appear in history books.
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Atlantic Beach: Historic African-American Enclave in South Carolina

Atlantic Beach, or “The Black Pearl,” was a popular vacation spot for African-Americans during the era of segregation.
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Digging a Garden, Unearthing a Treasure: The Rediscovery of Dunaway Gardens

Nearly lost to vines and decay, Dunaway Gardens came back to life thanks to preservation-minded owner Jennifer Bigham.
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Life in a Converted Firehouse

Watch this video for a glimpse into a converted firehouse residence in Montgomery, Alabama.
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Heart Bombs 2015: Love Letters to Historic Places, Part 2

Members of the Brockport, New York community showed their love for the 60 Clinton Street building by conducting a Virtual Heart Bomb campaign. We had so many heart bombs shared with us this year that we couldn't fit them all into one post (read part 1 here). So we're extending the love with another affectionate
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[Q&A] Meet Frances Aulston, the Woman Behind Philly's Paul Robeson House

Frances Aulston has spent decades preserving and furthering Paul Robeson's legacy of arts and activism.
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Heart Bombs 2015: Love Letters to Historic Places, Part 1

We asked, you delivered! Check out these ten heartwarming heart bombs for historic places across the country.
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Visiting Tinner Hill: Local History, National Significance

How a piece of local history inspired National Trust President Stephanie Meeks to think about our national story.
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#SaveTacoBell: America's First Taco Bell Is Threatened

A piece of fast food history -- the original Taco Bell restaurant -- stands threatened in Downey, California.
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[Q&A] What Life is Like in Louis Kahn's Esherick House

The Esherick House's current owners open up about the joys and challenges of being stewards for modern architecture.
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How a Ladies' Garden Club in Texas Helped Its Old Town Blossom

In the 1930s, a group of ladies started getting together to share recipes and gossip. They ended up saving a town.
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[Q&A] The Chautauqua Amphitheater: An Insider's Guide

The Amphitheater's open-air construction is one of its defining characteristics. It's speeches and concerts can be heard for blocks through the warm summer air.
An insider's guide to the significance of the Chautauqua Amphitheater, a new National Treasure.
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Heart Bomb 2015: Introduce the World to the Historic Places You Love

Heart-bomb, n. The act of showering a historic place you love with visible, tangible love. Here's how to do it.
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[Preservation Tips and Tools] 5 Tips for Generating Support through Street Canvassing

Five tips for garnering support for preservation campaigns through street canvassing.
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[VIDEO] Why Shockoe Bottom is Relevant Today

Local leaders and stakeholders discuss the relevance of Shockoe Bottom today, and what they would tell the mayor about the proposed development on the site.
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[VIDEO] Why Shockoe Bottom Matters

Local leaders and stakeholders explain why Richmond's Shockoe Bottom matters, and what they'd like to see it become.
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[Interview] Meet Lt. Col. (Ret.) Porter Johnson, Veteran Preservationist

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Porter Johnson explains his unique road to preserving an 1850 Louisiana plantation house.
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From Devastation to Revitalization: The Restoration of the Rosenwald Randolph School

Pass Christian, Mississippi, transformed a former Rosenwald school house after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
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Industrial Strength: The Adaptive Reuse of Ames Shovel Works

A 19th-century factory complex in Easton, Massachusetts, is transformed into a vibrant residential community.
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5 Unique Examples of Preserving Native American Historic Sites

A look at the preservation work being done by several Native American tribes throughout the country.
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Mad River Glen's Single-Chair Lift: Restoring an Icon

Mad River Glen ski area in Vermont stays true to its history, as seen in the restoration of its iconic single-chair lift.
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Preserving Latino History at Pike Park in Dallas

A look at the efforts to preserve Pike Park, the former cultural heart of Little Mexico in Dallas, Texas.
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The Outdoor Classroom: The Historic Preservation Training Center’s Approach to Preservation Education

HOPE Crew and the Historic Preservation Training Center work to restore Raleigh National Cemetery in North Carolina.
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[Retro Roadmap] The Roxy Theatre – Northampton, Pennsylvania

Mod Betty spotlights the lovingly restored -- and still operational -- 1920s Roxy Theatre.
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Preserving Latino History in East Harlem with Augmented Reality

Digital imaging technology plays a starring role in documenting Caribbean and Latino history in East Harlem.
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[Historic Bars] The Tonga Room in San Francisco

The historic Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco houses the Tonga Room with its glowing blue lagoon.
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Tulsa Lawyer Finds -- and Saves -- a Goff-Designed Diamond in the Rough

Mark Sanders of Tulsa embarks on a mission to restore a Bruce Goff-designed home to its former glory.
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Eighteenth-Century House Ruin to Be Restored…With Glass

The Menokin Foundation in Warsaw, Virginia, is seeking to preserve the 18th-century home of Francis Lightfoot Lee with structural glass.
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Hope for the Future: Why We're Thankful for You in Preservation

Check out three remarkable preservation stories from 2014 that highlight our movement's best feature: its people.
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[Preservation Tips & Tools] Round-Up: The Starter Kit for Renovating Historic Homes

This toolkit round-up will help in planning the restoration or rehabilitation of your historic home.
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This Old House: Fisherman Brown’s Cottage

Writer Susan Pollack delights in the historic details she uncovers after purchasing a cottage on Cape Ann, Massachusetts.
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Sign Enthusiasts Eye Museum Dedicated to the History of Billboards

Historic signage will find a home at the future Billboard Museum along Route 66.
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Honoring Veterans in Our Historic Preservation Work

A roundup of some of the work the National Trust has been doing to preserve and protect sites significant to veterans.
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HOPE Crew Restores Historic Shotgun Houses in Atlanta

The 11th project completed by HOPE Crew helped preserve Atlanta's Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site.
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These Walls Talk: The Role of Urban Murals and Graffiti in Historic Preservation

Historic Latino neighborhoods in Chicago are calling on the transformative power of street art through new programs.
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Artful Action: How Dancer Hattie Mae Williams Combines Art, Activism, and History

Dancer and activist Hattie Mae Williams talks about her site-specific performances at two of Miami's most historic places.
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[Preservation Tips & Tools] How to Save Historic Food Establishments

Is your favorite neighborhood restaurant in danger of closing? Learn some ways you can help keep them around.
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Introducing the National Trust's First Pop-Up: Cincinnati's Yes on 8 Action Center

The Yes on 8 Action Center in Cincinnati -- our first pop-up venue -- is part of the effort to save Union Terminal.
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A Different Kind of Summer Vacation: HOPE Crew Helps Historic Barns

Over the summer, HOPE Crew help rehabilitate Goffar Barn on the Michigan lakeshore.
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Mildred Bennett: The Unlikely Preserver of Willa Cather's Hometown

Mildred Bennett sparked a preservation movement in author Willa Cather's hometown of Red Cloud, Nebraska.
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Art is Everywhere at Pullman Historic District

In Chicago's Pullman Historic District, creativity and artistry are flourishing.
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[Update] Time is Running Out to Save RCA Studio A in Nashville

As demolition plans develop for RCA Studio A, Nashville is rallying to save its musical history.
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A New Chapter for the Frances Perkins Homestead

Inside the effort to preserve the Maine homestead that belonged to the country's first female cabinet member.
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Saving the Home of Oklahoma’s First Congresswoman

Preservationists in Muskogee, Oklahoma are working to restore the home of former Rep. Alice Robertson.
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Barbara Baer Capitman: South Beach's Art Deco Hero

Preservationist Barbara Baer Capitman led the effort to protect many of South Beach's historic Art Deco buildings.
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From Nature to Needlework: How Woodlawn Connects Kids to History

Campers at historic site Woodlawn/Pope-Leighey got hands-on history lessons this past summer.
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Military Veterans Tackle HOPE Crew Project at Custer National Cemetery

Learn about the HOPE Crew's first all-veteran 'hitch' and their work at the Custer National Cemetery in Montana.
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Estelle Axton: A Woman, A Place, and the Memphis Sound

Estelle Axton defied expectations of her time and left her mark on soul and R&B music. See the place that inspired her.
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Come High Water: Preservation and Resilience in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Record-breaking floods in 2008 almost wiped out Cedar Rapids' history. But preservation is helping it spring back.
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CityLove: Seattle According to Linnea Westerlind

Local preservation Linnea Westerlind explored Seattle's history through its parks. Find out what she discovered.
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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: An Interview with Teen Preservationist Bridget Brady

“Everything else is fixable,” Bridget Brady says, “but demolition isn’t.” Learn how this teen rallied a town to save a place.
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415 M Street: The History of a Dynamic Neighborhood, Told in One House

Explore the multi-layered history of the unassuming 415 M Street NW in Washington, D.C.
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Saving Lincoln Center: An El Paso Community’s Effort to Protect its Heritage

Members of the El Paso Chicano community are fighting to save the Lincoln Center from demolition.
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[11 Most Endangered] Echoes of Jazz at the St. Louis Palladium Building

The St. Louis Palladium Building, one of the last remaining links to the city's jazz era, is now an 11 Most site.
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CityLove: Philadelphia According to Local Preservationist Liz Maillie

Join us as we talk with local preservationist Liz Maillie about all things Philadelphia.
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Ben Folds Leads Charge to Save RCA Studio A on Nashville’s Music Row

The famed RCA Studio A in Nashville is under threat from developers. Ben Folds has joined the fight to protect it.
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Uptop, Colorado: A Ghost Town With a Beating Heart

Uptop, Colorado, has a transformative history that brings a new meaning to the term "ghost town."
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[Historic Bars] The Gangway, San Francisco's 104-Year-Old Dive Bar

Open since 1910, the Gangway is one of San Francisco's oldest gay bars -- and a beloved, genuine neighborhood dive.
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Mary B. Talbert: The Preservation Champion You Might Not Have Heard Of

Credit: MarkSweep, Wikimedia Commons
In the early 20th century, civil rights leader Mary B. Talbert paved the way for the preservation of the Frederick Douglass house.
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Tampa's Jackson Rooming House: Music to a Preservationist's Ears

Jackson Rooming House, exterior. Credit: Bracken Engineering
Though time has taken its toll on Tampa's Jackson Rooming House, the tide is turning for this historic structure.
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Young Preservationist Focuses His Lens on Miami Marine Stadium

Credit: Ivan Robles
A high school student in Miami uses photography to shed new light on Miami Marine Stadium's beauty and importance.
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Northampton Native Breathes New Life into Horner Cemetery

Credit: Kelly Schindler/National Trust for Historic Preservation
Horner Cemetery in Northampton, Pa., chronicles our nation's history, and this local woman is keeping its stories alive.
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Historic Hinchliffe Stadium Reveals Larger Impact of African-American Legacy

Credit: S. Heffern, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Hinchliffe Stadium reminds us that many places of African-American heritage have yet to be acknowledged as significant.
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Millennials Take Cincy: Community Building Through Preservation

Credit: OTR A.D.O.P.T.
Young preservationists are helping to lead the charge in Cincinnati's cultural revitalization.
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What Life Is Like Inside Not One, Not Two, But Three National Historic Landmarks

William Tyre of Chicago's Glessner House Museum reflects on the impact that National Historic Landmarks have had on his life.
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La Jolla Community Continues Fight for Historic Post Office

Save Our La Jolla Task Force continues to fight the USPS in La Jolla, Calif., against the sale of their historic post office.
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City Unites to Save Berkeley’s Downtown Post Office

Berkeley residents and city officials alike are opposed to the sale of the city's 1914 post office building.
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Oklahoma City's Modernist Mummers Theater Faces Final Curtain

Despite local preservationists' efforts, Mummers Theater/Stage Center in Oklahoma City, Okla., recently lost to developers.
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Citizens Fight for the Northfield Post Office in Minnesota

When the USPS wanted to close Northfield, Minnesota's historic downtown post office, citizens rose to the occasion.
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CityLove: Little Rock According to Local Preservationist Jennifer Carman

Little Rock preservationist Jennifer Carman explains how preservation improves much more than just buildings.
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Putting a Stamp on History at the Bronx General Post Office

Preservation groups, artists and a congressman have rallied to save New Deal-era murals in a Bronx post office.
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Visions Become Reality at Paradise Garden in Georgia

Thanks to a full-scale restoration, the site where folk artist Howard Finster worked will delight visitors for years to come.
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CityLove: Boise According to Local Preservationist Kris Wilson

Kris Wilson highlights his favorite places in Boise and also offer tips on how development and preservation can work together.
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Heart Bombs 2014: Five Events that Showed Historic Places the Love

Heart-bombing the Sattler Theatre in Buffalo. Credit: Buffalo's Young Preservationists
This February, groups around the country shared "heart bombs" to show the love for places that matter to them.
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Racing to Save Japanese-American History at Historic Wintersburg Village

Wintersburg Japanese Presbyterian Mission and manse (parsonage), with congregation, in March 1910. Credit: Wintersburg Presbyterian Church
California's Historic Wintersburg Village reflects early Japanese immigrant life in the U.S., but faces possible demolition.
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Melissa Jest Reveals Preservation’s Best-Kept Secret to Saving Places

Melissa Jest in front of the John Coltrane House. Credit: Melissa Jest
Written by Brent Leggs, Author, Preserving African American Historic Places, and Field Officer for the National Trust for Historic Preservation Melissa Jest in front of the John Coltrane House Sitting in the beautiful and historic St. Regis Hotel in Washington, D.C., sipping on a gimlet, preservation advocate Melissa Jest admires the space:“This place is a
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Opening Up the Conversation About Saving Latino History

Little Mexico. Credit: Sol Villasana
Many sites connected to Latino history are disappearing. These two trailblazers are giving these overlooked places a voice.
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Public Housing Community Rich in African-American History Faces Change in Austin

Rosewood Courts’ original site plan, along a terraced hillside in East Austin, included many outdoor spaces for socializing. Credit: Housing Authority of the City of Austin
Rosewood Courts, a pre-World War II public housing development in Austin, Texas, boasts an important cultural heritage.
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Local Group Floats Winter Park’s Historic Capen-Showalter House to Safety

Project Director Christine Madrid French, with "Ginger" floating on the lake. Credit: Christine Madrid French
Advocates for the 1885 Capen-Showalter House in Florida joined forces to mount an extraordinary preservation operation.
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Colorado's 1911 Silverton School Hits Preservation High

Silverton’s 1911 school serves grades K-12 and sits at 9,305 feet above sea level. Credit: Scott Smith
The community of Silverton, Colo., has restored its 1911 schoolhouse to LEED Gold status.
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Cities in Focus: St. Louis through Local Preservationist Jason Deem's Eyes

Jason Deem. Credit: Cole Geddy Photography
The next Cities in Focus post highlights local leader Jason Deem, who is living the place-loving life in St. Louis, Mo.
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The Sherburne Inn: A Local Landmark is Reborn in Central New York

A bird's-eye-view of The Sherburne Inn today. Credit: Rick L. Crowell Photography
Less than two years in, local preservationists show remarkable progress on restoring their beloved The Sherburne Inn.
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Save Our Saucer: The Fight to Protect a Space-Age Artifact in Hyattsville, Md.

The library and accompanying saucer were built in 1964 and dedicated to the memory of President John F. Kennedy, Jr. Credit: Michael Gannon, Prince George’s County Memorial Library System
A midcentury public library and its distinctive saucer-shaped entryway are threatened with demolition.
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Meet Phoenix's Modern Maven: Aspire Award Winner Alison King

Alison King, 2013 Aspire Award Winner, in action in Phoenix. Credit: Alison King
2013 Aspire Award winner Alison King talks about her work preserving and promoting modernism in Phoenix, Ariz.
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Cities in Focus: Meet St. Louis

St. Louis skyline at night. Credit: ryanarcher.com
This new monthly series picks a city and highlights some of its cool, inspiring preservation work. First up: St. Louis!
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Ogden High School: How A Utah Community Saved Its Beloved Art Deco Gem

Ogden High School’s Art Deco design has been an icon in the community since the 1930s. Credit: Ogden School Foundation
Instead of demolishing their Art Deco, Depression Era high school, the community of Ogden, Utah, decided to restore it.
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Historic Strawberry Barreling Plant-Turned-Gallery Poised for Restoration Post-Fire

The Olga Strawberry Plant was originally built as a strawberry barreling facility in 1937. (Photo taken before fire.)  Credit: Patsy Stephens, Olga Strawberry Council
The Olga Strawberry Council is restoring its community's historic plant and gallery space after a fire.
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10 Preservation Wins in 2013

Peavey Plaza. Credit: Alexandra Easter
Though we did lose some irreplaceable historic places this past year, we also celebrated many wins. Here, the year in review.
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One Community's Creative Solution to Restoring Historic Windows

Scott Sidler teaches a volunteer how to finish glaze windows. Credit: Steve Quillian
When a local historic treasure needed help, this community found a way to give back while also building skills.
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Beloved WPA-Built Public Pool at the University of New Hampshire is Threatened

The pool has provided a place for community members to cool off for 75 years. Credit: Kenny Rotner, FUNHOP
Local preservationists are rallying to save the unique WPA-built outdoor pool, a community hub for decades.
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Young Explorers Discover San Francisco's Architectural and Cultural Heritage

The first Discover SF! students in front of the “Painted Ladies” at San Francisco’s Alamo Square. Credit: San Francisco Heritage
A summer program took middle schoolers on trips around San Francisco to explore the city's architectural and cultural heritage.
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Saving Colonel Charles Young's Historic Birthplace in Mays Lick, Ky.

Colonel Charles Young was born in this cabin in May’s Lick, Ky., in 1864. Credit: Bill Macintire, Kentucky Heritage Council
The birthplace of Colonel Charles Young, a distinguished African-American serviceman, is being preserved in Mason County, Kentucky.
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Giving Thanks for Preservation's Most Essential Part: Its People

Thirty Instagram aficionados went behind the scenes at Miami Marine Stadium in October 2013. Credit: RAYMEDphotography
Staffer Priya Chhaya reflects on all the different gifts people bring to the preservation movement.
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Lost: Univision Building Demolished in San Antonio

Demolition of the Univision building continued last week to make way for a $55 million, 350-unit housing development. Credit: Sylvia Gonzalez
The 1955 Univision building, home to the United States' first Spanish-language television station, was demolished this month.
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Deconstruction and Discovery: A West Virginia Community Digs into the McCoy Fort's Colonial Past

The current state of Fort McCoy. A significant chimney foundation is visible on the west side and a lesser defined chimney foundation can be seen on the opposite end. The structure, at 28' x 26', was two stories of nine logs each. Credit: Carolyn Stephens
Historians and volunteers in Greenbrier County are excavating the McCoy Fort to reclaim a lost piece of history.
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The Denmark Presbyterian Church: A Corner of Tennessee History

The exterior of the church after restoration was completed. Credit: Big Black Creek Historical Association
The Denmark Presbyterian Church is a Civil War history goldmine in a little town in rural Tennessee.
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Preservation on Full Display at the Old 280 Boogie in Waverly, Ala.

The crowd gathers for the Boogie in a open space ringed by historic buildings and pecan, oak, and sassafras trees. Credit: Katherine Malone-France
This outdoor concert -- and the historic town in east central Alabama -- enlivens and inspires attendees and residents alike.
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Joining Personal History to City History: Family Restores Troy's Trojan Hotel

The c. 1829 building became known as the Trojan Hotel in 1915. Credit: Terry and Donald O'Brien
Vacant for a decade, a 184-year-old building in Troy, N.Y., is getting a full restoration, thanks to two intrepid small business owners.
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Baltimore's Senator Theatre Restored to Full Art Deco Glory

The Senator’s exterior post-restoration, ready for opening night. Credit: Senator Theatre
After a 17-month restoration, the historic Senator Theatre in Baltimore is ready to wow new audiences.
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A Bittersweet Future for Hawaii's Threatened Sugar Mills

Sugar cane fields stretch across the Hawaiian landscape. Credit: McCready, Flickr.
Silman Fellow Harrison Yamamoto recounts his family's connection to Hawaii's sugar mills -- and their fading history.
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The (Nearly) Forgotten History of Maxville, Ore.

Gwendoyn Trice in Maxville. Credit: Colby Kuschatka
Discover the unusual history of Maxville, Ore., a segregated logging town that bridged racial divides nonetheless.
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[10 on Tuesday] Toolkit Round-Up: The "Saving Places" Edition

This toolkit round-up focuses on the tips, terms, and techniques you need to start a preservation project.
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League Park: Ohio's Lost Ballpark Gets Back in the Game

Outside League Park in Cleveland, between 1900-1910. Credit: Library of Congress
League Park's restoration will provide a tangible link to baseball history.
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Imaginations Lift Off at Los Arboles "Rocketship" Park

The Rocketship Park. Credit: Neil Klemer, Flickr.
A 28-foot-tall metal rocket ship in Torrance, Calif., remains a point of community pride, even after threatened removal.
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Clearing the Air: Commemorating Tallahassee's Smokey Hollow Community

Part of the community of Smokey Hollow in 1963. Credit: Althemese Barnes/John G. Riley House & Museum.
Learn how local preservationists are restoring the memory of this dismantled middle-class African-American community.
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Not Stopping That United Sound: Highway Threatens Detroit's Motown Studio

The United Sound System Recording Studios’ and its long music history may be run over by a freeway. Credit: Brian Mulloy, Flickr.
A planned I-94 expansion may remove Detroit's United Sound System Recording Studios where Motown got its start.
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A Fun-ful History at Riverside Park

One of two “tall” slides on the Riverside playground manufactured in the early 1900s by the Fun-ful Company. Credit: Michael Bates, batesline.com
Riverside Park staff in Independence, Kansas upgrades their beloved playground to progress with the times.
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The Devil's Advocate Guide to National Register Listing

Historic Patten House (1898) in Palatine, Ill. Credit: chicagogeek, Flickr.
Guest blogger Aaron Dougherty debunks six common complaints about listing your house on the National Register.
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“The Effort Has Been Contagious": Restoring Independence, Texas

Independence, Texas, was founded in 1835, and was the original site of Baylor University. Credit: The Texas Collection, Baylor University
David and Mary Wolff helped create a preservation movement in the small village of Independence, Texas.
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Marcus Books: Oldest African-American Bookstore Fights to Stay Open

Marcus Bookstores has a second branch in Oakland, California. The bookstores are named after Marcus Garvey, author of Philosophy and Opinions. Credit: Steve Rhodes, Flickr.
Can landmark designation save the oldest African-American-owned bookstore in the country?
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How New Mexico Is Saving Its Historic Movie Theaters

Luna Theater's winking moon marquee. Credit. New Mexico Economic Development Department
The nearly 100-year-old Luna Theatre is still in operation thanks to New Mexico’s one-of-a-kind MainStreet Historic Theater Initiative.
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Houston Astrodome: Iconic Stadium Awaits "New Dome Experience"

The Houston Astrodome. Credit: Ed Schipul, Flickr.
Threatened by demolition, the world’s first dome stadium may see innovative rehabilitation.
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Oregon’s Civic Stadium: "We Don't Want to Hear Strike Three"

The last Eugene Emeralds opening day at Civic Stadium, in 2009. Photo courtesy Tom Clifton, Flickr.
Local preservationists are working hard to keep Eugene, Oregon's wooden ballpark Civic Stadium in the game.
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[Interview] Zach Schonfeld: "I Visit Presidential Birthplaces"

Zach Schonfeld's project: he visits presidential birthplaces. Credit: Rachel Pincus.
22-year-old Zach Schonfeld visited 39 presidential birthplaces to learn the local stories behind the national myths.
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Silver Birches: Polishing a Jewel at Michigan's Mackinac Island

Silver Birches ready for the 2013 July 4th festivities. Credit: Silver Birches.
Silver Birches, a dilapidated lodge at summer colony Mackinac Island, is being restored to its 1906 magic.
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Western Michigan University's East Campus: The Debate and Decision

East Hall, the first building completed in Western Michigan University’s East Campus. Credit: Roger Parzyck.
WMU plans to demolish and renovate one of their historic campuses. Kalamazoo citizens have a different plan in mind.
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Haight-Ashbury's Hippie House: Preserving San Francisco's 1960s Counterculture

San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district was site of the Summer of Love, center of the sixties counterculture momentum. Credit: David Yu Photography.
How do you preserve social history? Norman Larson's house at the corner of Haight-Ashbury shows one way to do it.
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“Save Wigwam Village”: On the Road to Cross-Cultural Communication

Roadside attractions like Wigwam Village are disappearing. How should we preserve them to best represent America’s diverse cultural legacy?
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Prentice Women's Hospital: A Eulogy

Anjulie Rao, left. Credit: Mike Hari, fadeoutfoto.com
Guest writer Anjulie Rao sees herself reflected in Bertrand Goldberg's iconic Modern building.
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Local Preservationists Dive Into Saving Decorah, Iowa's 1937 Bathhouse

With a little help from a local activist, Decorah, Iowa was able to maintain its unique Art Moderne pool and bathhouse.
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[10 on Tuesday] 10 Tips for Researching Historic Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

Hancock Cemetery, Quincy, Massachusetts. Photo courtesy Bill Ilott, Flickr.
Cemeteries need to be well-researched and preserved so they can tell us more about how people in the past viewed death and burial.
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Save the Taylor: How One Small Town Didn’t Let Its Historic Screens Go Dark

“Convert or die” is the new reality for many small-town movie theaters but the people of Edenton rescued Taylor Theatre from closing down.
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Young Preservationist: Madeline Feierstein Speaks Up for Henryton State Hospital

High school senior Madeline Feierstein started her own nonprofit organization to advocate for buildings.
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Jack White Lends A Hand To Detroit's Masonic Temple

The largest Masonic temple in the world gets a hand up from musician -- and hometown hero -- Jack White.
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[10 on Tuesday] How to Save Your Older or Historic Barn

Barn. Credit: Carl Wycoff, Flickr
Barns are emblematic of our agricultural heritage and rural character, but they face many threats. Here's how you can help.
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Digital at the Drive-In: Transforming Idaho's Iconic Spud for the 21st Century

The Spud Drive-In. Photo courtesy jpc.raleigh, Flickr.
Idaho's Spud Drive-In has made it to its 60th birthday with the help of loyal fans -- and a new digital projector.
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Swift Wings, Swift Action: Willow Run Bomber Plant Fights for its Future

An interior look of the portion of the Willow Run Bomber Plant that is waiting to be rescued, renovated, and resurrected so it could continue to tell stories of the Second World War. Credit: Dennis Norton
The bomber plant where the original Rosie the Riveter once worked is racing the clock to preserve its future.
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No School Left Behind: Saving Montana's Rural Classrooms

These one-room schoolhouses tell the story of Montana, the Western Frontier, and American pioneering.
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The Abyssinian Meeting House: Maine's Untold African-American Heritage

Established in 1828, the Abyssinian Meetinghouse tells “the black history that nobody told.”
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Ellinwood's Historic Wolf Hotel: Giving Hope to a Hometown

Chris McCord and business partner Kelli Penner are hoping to turn the National Register-listed Wolf Hotel into a bed and breakfast. Credit: Kelli Penner
26-year-old Chris McCord has taken on restoring the Italianate-style Wolf Hotel in his hometown of Ellinwood, Kan.
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Historic Preservation Unites Students, Neighborhood at University of Cincinnati

Residence of Hon. John Goetz Jr. c. 1890. Credit: Save Clifton Heights
Students from the University of Cincinnati have joined with local residents to save the historic Goetz House.
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Deer Lodge, Montana's Rialto Theater Rises from the Ashes

Historic Photo of the Rialto Theater in Deer Lodge, Mont., c. 1942. Credit: Rialto Community Theater, Inc.Ccollection
After 18 years, two restorations, and overwhelming community support, Deer Lodge, Mont., can finally enjoy its Rialto Theater.
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Uncertain Future (and Contentious Past) for Kansas City Church

Elevation from street level of St. John the Divine Church in Kansas City, Kan. Credit: Daniel Serda
Built in 1887, St. John the Divine Catholic Church has sat vacant for decades and faces possible demolition.
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Skee's Diner: A Slice of Americana in Progress

Skee’s Diner in Torrington, Conn., c. 2008. Credit: Improbcat, Wikimedia Commons
Thanks to the support of local partners, a Conn. community is getting a second helping of a classic Jerry O'Mahony diner.
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The Curtain Rises Again for the Culpeper State Theatre

The State Theatre of Culpeper before and after renovation. Credits: LWPrencipe, Flickr; Ed Bednarczyk
A historic Art Deco theatre in Virginia roars back to life thanks to local preservationists and federal historic tax credits.
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An American Story on Display at the Mississippi Delta Chinese Heritage Museum

A group of former students at the Cleveland Chinese Mission School gathers at the plaque dedication. From left: Fee Joe, Ed Joe, Kellogg Wong, Fun Pang, J.W. Dunn (seated), Annette Joe, Vice Mayor Ted Campbell, and Bobby Moon. Credit: Gilroy and Sally Chow
Local preservationists are working hard to preserve a culturally distinct yet wholly American story in Mississippi.
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"Come On In My Kitchen": Homeless Shelter to Restore Famed Robert Johnson Recording Studio

Exterior of 508 Park Avenue. Credit: Alan Govenar/508Park, flickr
508 Park Avenue in Dallas -- where blues musician Robert Johnson once recorded -- will soon serve the whole community.
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Cleveland’s PlayhouseSquare Theaters Set Stage for World's Largest Theater Restoration Project

Ohio Auditorium restored. Credit: PlayhouseSquare Archives
Thanks to local preservationist Ray Shepardson, Cleveland turned its aging theaters into a world-class complex.
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The Sherburne Inn: How One Community is Keeping a Local Landmark Alive

The Sherburne Inn in 1917. Credit: Sherburne Public Library
Kathleen Yasas, a local preservationist from upstate New York, shares her community's quest to save its beloved inn.
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The Nantucket Lightship Song: One Teacher's Ode to a National Treasure

John Rogers and his class onboard the Nantucket Lightship. Credit: US Lightship Museum
Boston-area teacher John Rogers has set his love of history to music -- and passed that love to his students, too.
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Women in Preservation: Girl Scout Julia Bache and the Buck Creek Rosenwald School

Julia Bache and homeowner Elaine Taylor in front of the Buck Creek School. Credit: Lisa Bache
Julia Bache is earning her Gold Award by saving a local treasure. Learn more about this inspiring young preservationist.
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Women in Preservation: M. Rosalind Sagara and the California Riverside Chinatown Community

blog_photo_GW Tour
Read how one woman’s dedication to preserving her local heritage has helped ignite a community-wide effort.
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Going Against the Grain: Historic Jail Becomes the Maine Grains Grist Mill

Lambke and her business partner, Michael Scholz, bought a 5,000-square-foot jail building in 2009 and turned it into a grist mill. Credit: Amber Lambke
With help from crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Maine Grains has become a hub for its community's revitalization.
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"Oregon Trail" Comes to Life at the Pioneer Mothers Memorial Cabin

A school group gathers in front of the Pioneer Mothers Memorial Cabin. Credit: Volunteers of the Pioneer Mothers Memorial Cabin
This log cabin on Willamette River "transports children in time" and bring the westward expansion to vivid life.
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[10 on Tuesday] 10 Steps to Start Saving Places

Demolition protest in Ontario, Canada. Credit: the_napkin, flickr
If you want to protect a place near and dear to your heart, but aren’t sure where to begin, then today’s toolkit is for you.
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DeKalb's Historic Egyptian Theatre: A Pharaoh-Inspired Space Gets a Lively Afterlife

Dekalb's Egyptian Theatre in 1938 and restored. Credit: Egyptian Theatre
Architect Elmer F. Behrns' 1929 Ramses II-inspired theater in downtown DeKalb, Ill., has come back from the dead.
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The Race to Save the Last Piece of a City's Chinatown

Exterior of China House. Credit: O.C. Lee
In Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., the only surviving remnant of the valley’s once-thriving Chinatown faces an uncertain future.
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Peery's Egyptian Theater: A Utah Theater Goes From Shutdown to Sundance

Opening of the movie "Duel In the Sun," 1946, at Peery's Egyptian Theater. Credit: Van Summerill Collection
Once a community staple, this Ogden, Utah theater underwent a meticulous renovation and was restored to its former glory.
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Women in Preservation: Nancy Schamu Reflects on Four Decades of Saving Places

Nancy Schamu. Credit: Nancy Schamu
For Women's History Month, we're profiling the preservation movement's movers and shakers. First up: Nancy Schamu.
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Submit Your Local Project for a National Preservation Award

Gullah Museum team. Credit: Butch Hirsch
Does your local preservation project deserve recognition? Apply for a National Preservation Award by March 8!
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Boise's Egyptian Theatre: An Updated Artifact Keeps Historic Downtown Vibrant

The exterior of Boise’s Egyptian Theatre, which has been restored and maintained to look the same as when it was built in 1927. Credit: Sheri Freemuth
The Egyptian Theater in Boise, Idaho became a rallying point for the community to save their historic downtown.
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A Modern Take On Serving Veterans At Leavenworth Building 19

The exterior of the new medical records facility at night. Credit: Rick Kready/The Pioneer Group
The former mess hall is now a medical records office thank to an innovative reuse and dedicated team.
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A Love Letter to the Wilson County Courthouse

Jason Clement takes pictures at Wilson County Courthouse during the I Love Texas Courthouse campaign. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
Jason Clement pours his heart out to Wilson County -- and to the local place-lovers who make preservation happen.
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With Demolition Under Way, Local Group Races to Save Historic Ore Dock

The Soo Line ore dock in 2009. Credit: chief_huddleston, flickr
A grassroots group is fighting to save a unique Industrial Age structure in Ashland, Wisconsin.
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Voices of Rosenwald: Bishop Frederick C. James Dreams Big for Howard Junior High

Bishop Frederick C. James (screenshot). Credit: Tracy Hayes
A former Rosenwald student is leading the charge to save the schoolhouse that shaped his life. Listen to his story firsthand.
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From Questions to Action: How Sweet Auburn Is Reviving Its Historic Community

Streetscape in Sweet Auburn. Credit: Stan Kaady
The National Main Street Center is helping the historic Sweet Auburn community revitalize its once-thriving district.
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JFK Airport's Pan Am Worldport: A Jet Age Relic In Peril

A Boeing 707-100 aircraft sits at the Worldport in 1961. Credit: John Proctor, Wikimedia Commons
This iconic structure -- a reminder of air travel's glamorous days -- will be dismantled in 2015 unless a local group can save it.
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A Love for Places and Each Other: One Couple's Historic Journey to the Altar

blog_photo_Anne and Aaron at La Salle
Celebrate Valentine's Day and Texas Courthouses with this all-about-love post.
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Voices of Rosenwald Schools: Mabel Dickey Tells Mt. Zion's Story

Mabel Dickey. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation/Clement
A former Rosenwald student is now working to save her schoolhouse. Learn how she's doing it.
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Giving Gullah/Geechee Culture a Home at "The Little House"

The renovated Little House. Credit: Megan Tyson
Learn how a group of committed volunteers in South Carolina banded together to restore a local Gullah site.
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Forging a Future for the Oswego Iron Furnace

The restored Oswego Iron Furnace. Credit: Susanna Campbell Kuo
Learn how the community in Lake Oswego, Ore. helped save the only surviving stone furnace west of the Rockies.
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Small Gestures, Big Meaning: Show Some Love for Texas Courthouses

Jason Clement wears his heart on his sleeve. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
Send smooches across the country to 235 historic Texas courthouses and let them know they matter.
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Historic Power Plants: A Tricky (But Rewarding) Resource to Adapt

Seaholm Power Plant in Austin, Texas. Credit: Thelonious Gonzo, flickr
Read the final part of our guest series on the remarkable transformation of a hospital power plant in St. Louis.
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Tell Us How We Can Help You Save Places!

Partners in Preservation NYC 2012. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
If you're reading this blog post right now, chances are you like saving places as much as we do. But we want to get to know you even better. We want to know why you save places, how you save places, and -- most importantly -- how we at the National Trust can help you
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[Interview] Elizabeth Ellsworth, Maven of Midcentury Modern

Elizabeth Ellsworth stands in front of her Bimel Kehm house. Credit: Elizabeth Ellsworth
This local preservationist tell us about her work restoring a 1954 Bimel Kehm house and why she loves it.
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My Preservation Resolution: Build the Movement in 2013

Shutterbug series at Central Terminal, Buffalo, NY. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation
Priya Chhaya reflects on 2012's preservation goals and sets a bold one for 2013. Will you join her?
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Holiday Magic on Main Street: Highlights from 2012

Big Bright Light Show, Rochester, Michigan. Credit: Brad Ziegler
Revisit some of our favorite Main Street holiday traditions from this past season, from New Hampshire to Oklahoma.
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Reviving Lyth Cottage: How Historic Buffalo Is Making A Comeback, One House at a Time

Stephanie Barber, president of the Hamlin Park Taxpayers & Community Association, hands the keys to Lyth Cottage over to Matthew Newton. Credit: David Torke, fixBuffalo
Matthew Newton's dream historic home cost $1. But its potential to help revitalize Buffalo's East Side? Priceless.
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Saving Places 101: How College Students Are Preserving Historic Indiana Neighborhoods

At Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., a professor teaches a high-impact lesson in local historic appreciation.
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Young Preservationist: Matthew Prythero, Cemetery-Saver

A Colorado teen turned a school history project into a life passion for protecting and restoring historic places.
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Prentice Hospital Denied Landmark Designation; The Fight Continues

Learn how the city of Chicago's ruling impacts the future of this Modernist icon.
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Young Preservationist: Daniel Linley Proves Old Windows' Worth

For his sixth grade science fair, 12-year-old Daniel Linley put historic windows to the test -- and found newer isn’t always better.
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Young Preservationists: Catholic University Students Take on DC's McMillan Park

Students at Catholic University in DC are working to develop a new plan for a historic water purification site.
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[Interview] Merry Powell, Interior Designer: "Preservation is Contagious"

Our Q&A with Merry Powell takes us through the restoration of a 19th-century mansion and into a home reborn.
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A Special Brew for Chimney Rock

A local brewer crafts a special beer in honor of Chimney Rock’s National Monument designation.
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Saving Spooky Sites: The Ridges Building #26 in Athens, Ohio

A local preservation advocate is working with Ohio University to save a former mental health facility on campus.
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Young Preservationist: Pre-Teen Prodigy Nate Michalak Does "the Whole Shebang"

Nate Michalak of Toledo, Ohio is restoring three houses and is a columnist for Heritage Ohio -- all at the age of 11.
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Balancing Preservation and Development in the Rapidly Growing Capital

At DC Preservation League's citywide conference, Trust staffer Ari Gefen learns how the capital is changing.
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Crossing the Rappahannock: A Pilgrimage to Freedom

Trust staffer Rob Nieweg reflects on one local preservation group's work to retrace the footsteps of self-emancipated people.
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Young Preservationist: Millie Pepion and the Trail of Broken Promises

Our "Young Preservationists" series features students saving places around the country. First up: Millie Pepion.
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[Interview] Brian Brehmer: Working Miracles at Milwaukee's Landmark Church

Brian Brehmer is part of a community group working to save its historic house of worship.
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[Interview] Morgan Devlin, Preserve Rhode Island: Rhody Rules the Roost

Morgan Devlin's favorite new colleague is ... a rooster. As marketing manager for the Historic Sites Coalition of Rhode Island, Preserve Rhode Island, Devlin is part of the team behind a colorful, cartoon rooster named Rhody the Rambler, the mascot for the coalition's Rhody Ramble program. Rhody and a new friend participate in "Learning Colonial
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[Interview] Dave McNally, Restorer (and Resident) of Smith Point Lighthouse

Written by Laura Wainman, Preservation Magazine intern As a young boy, Dave McNally dreamed of living in a lighthouse. He wanted to wake up to the sunrise over the water every morning and watch it set in the evenings from the comfort of his home. And in October 2005, his wish came true, with $185,000
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[Interview] Allison Wottawa of the "Ally Quest" Travel Series

Allison Wottawa is exactly the kind of person you want telling you about interesting places and the histories and stories that made them that way. She's energetic, smart, and glows on camera. As you'll read in our interview below and see in the below videos, Allison is the creator and host of an online travel
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[Interview] Dione Chen on Saving the Last Surviving Chinese "Junk" Boat

You might be asking yourself, "What does a Chinese boat have to do with historic preservation in America?" It's a valid question. But at some point along the way, many of us came to America from someplace else, and this story is about the boat that brought San Francisco native Dione Chen's father here from
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Catching Up with Ron Tanner of Renovation "Love Story"

After reviewing From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story, I thought it would be fun to go to author Ron Tanner’s reading at One More Page Books in Arlington, Virginia, as he began his book tour. But Google maps had given me the run around, and I was lost in a neighborhood instead.
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Interview: Sam & Chris of Raleigh's Videri Chocolate Factory

Owners Sam Ratto and Chris Heavener inside the factory. (Photo: Chase Heavener) Preservation is often defined as an action with an end date: the act of saving - through advocacy; policy; or blood, sweat, and tears restoration - places for future use, memory, and appreciation. But regardless of how it's typically regarded, a more holistic "preservation" doesn't end
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Preservation Superhero: Becky Anderson of Burlington, Iowa

Preservation can be an addicting hobby. Fix up one place and pretty soon you want to fix up another. For Becky Anderson, the hobby didn’t stop with houses. In 2008, her daughter, a local real estate agent, told her about the Hedge Building, a Victorian Gothic main street commercial building built in the 1880s that was on the market. Anderson remembers, "The amount of original woodwork and detail in the building was amazing. I was thinking, ‘could I take this on?'"
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Interview: Design*Sponge Founder Grace Bonney

We interviewed Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney, who talked about why she moved her offices to a Brooklyn warehouse, what neighborhoods she loves, what the role of history and artifact is in contemporary design, and whether she considers herself a preservationist.
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