Notes from New Orleans: Clio Street Update

Posted on: January 7th, 2008 by Walter Gallas

A follow-up to the story of the deconstruction of the house at 1826 Clio Street, which was a Trust-PRC-Mercy Corps media event on November 19.

Kristen Palmer, director of Rebuilding Together, reported that RT’s construction managers were able to use the salvaged material in RT projects, including all of the ¾-inch plywood, which looked pretty rough at the deconstruction site. Once volunteers de-nailed and trimmed the wood, items were easier to handle and use, and the amount of re-usable material was maximized.

Rebuilding Together, says Kristen, would like to continue the relationship and seek out another house with Mercy Corps. We are always careful to say that deconstruction should be the option when all other means of saving a house from demolition are exhausted.

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