Ready, Set, Lobby!

Posted on: March 9th, 2009 by Jason Clement

One-sheeters and leave-behinds? Check. Perfected elevator speech? Check. Shoes that can be slipped on and off quickly when passing through security? Check. Unwavering passion for all things preservation? Duh!

Preservation Lobby Day 2009 is here, and my time with the Washington State delegation (which from this point forward will only be referred to by their adopted nickname, Team Way Outside the Beltwayers) got off to an action-packed start today during our advocacy training (and veritable lobbying pep rally). Hopefully you saw last week's post announcing that we'll be following them from meeting to meeting during their time here in D.C. If not, check it out and then head over to to meet the entire team.

The marathon (and that's not just a figure of speech; I'm told there is often some running involved) of meetings starts tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM, and we'll be live from Capitol Hill until about 5:30.

So, check out the pictures above and stay tuned as we hit the Hill!

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Jason Clement

Jason Clement

Jason Lloyd Clement is the director of community outreach at the National Trust, which is really just a fancy way of saying he’s a professional place lover. For him, any day that involves a bike, a camera, and a gritty historic neighborhood is basically the best day ever.