Notes from the Field: New Orleans

Posted on: November 26th, 2007 by Walter Gallas 1 Comment

The house on Clio Street, 2007.I met with Kristen Palmer (Rebuilding Together) and Suzanne Mason and Rick Denhart of MercyCorps at 1826 Clio Street, a house which will deconstructed beginning the week of November 26 . The Trust is supporting MercyCorps’ demonstration project with a $5000 grant, in which a total of 15 houses will be deconstructed, the materials will be donated to a local non-profit for re-use in rehabilitation projects, and the results documented in a Penn State-authored report. In this case, the materials from 1826 N. Clio will be sent to the PRC warehouse. We are planning a media event for Wednesday, November 28 as the deconstruction begins. We will be tying this in with the announcement of the first public weekend sale on Saturday, December 1 for the FEMA-funded salvage materials at the PRC warehouse.

The house on Clio Street, 1999.The house was elevated almost a full story on concrete blocks years before Katrina. The current owners began a rehabilitation project before the hurricane, which likely involved removing significant interior structural elements, and so the building could not stand up to the storm. The owners have agreed to donate the materials to the Preservation Resource Center as a tax write-off, and gain an lot for the construction of a new house in this Central City neighborhood.

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