Twitter Chat Recap: The Language of Preservation

Posted on: October 12th, 2012 by Sarah Heffern

Last week's Twitter chat on the way we talk about preservation was one of the most active hours we've had since starting -- almost more than I was able to keep up with! Turns out preservationists are nearly as passionate about how they talk about their work as they are in doing it.

I am not sure, however, that we came up with any answers. Everyone agreed that having a professional lexicon is important when preservationists are dealing with each other or related fields, but also agreed that it was important to communicate in a less jargon-laden way with people in the community. Perhaps that awareness will help us all get started in using more friendly language when we're working with the public. 

Here are some highlights of the conversation:

As usual, we have a transcript available -- but chat participants and longtime readers might notice it's not as complete as in the past. Some recent changes in the way Twitter works have made getting a full transcript nearly impossible; our apologies for any inconvenience!

The next chat will be Wednesday, November 7 at 4:00 pm EST. We'll be joined by our colleagues at the Preservation Green Lab to talk about their latest report on the value of rehabbing historic wood windows. Save the date and plan to join us!

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Sarah Heffern

Sarah Heffern

Sarah Heffern is the National Trust's social media strategist. While she embraces all things online and pixel-centric, she’s also a hard-core building hugger, having fallen for preservation in a fifth grade “Built Environment” class. Follow her on Twitter at @smheffern.

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