Preservation Round-Up: Wide Open Spaces Edition

Posted on: December 8th, 2011 by David Garber

Much more than just "room to make her big mistake." (The song analogy is now dead. And has been kicked.) (Photo: Flickr user renedriver)

"As her folks drive away her dad yells 'check the oil'..." [sways dramatically with the air microphone] Whoa, hey, yeah, sorry - got caught up in the song there for a sec. An. y. way... As you all know, preservation isn't just about buildings. It's about the interplay between all kinds of physical places and the stories and significances that give them value within their individual and collective contexts.

One of those kinds of places is open space. That stuff between buildings, cities, and regions. Rather than think of it as empty space, I like to think of it as the mortar that keeps the bricks together. Without it, the structure of cities, regions - heck, even countries - is a lot less sound.

Today's Preservation Round-Up features a couple thought-provoking stories (and a great photo blog) about open space preservation that are most definitely worth a read.

How pocket parks may make cities safer, more healthy - Switchboard

"A research team has found that distressed neighborhoods where vacant lots have been converted into small parks and community green spaces are associated with reduced crime when compared to neighborhoods with unimproved vacant lots."

The Limits of Preservation - BLGD BLOG

"The Minescape project by Los Angeles-based photographer Brett Van Ort looks at the ironic effects of landmines on the preservation of natural landscapes, placing woods, meadows, and even remote country roads off-limits, fatally tainted terrains given back to animals and vegetation."

Oh, Pioneer

Looking for some great, seasonal visuals of what this whole open space thing is about? Check out the "Oh, Pioneer" blog. "This blog was started as a way to collect pictures, music, and videos that inspire me to wanderlust and adventure." Worth the click, if only to inspire a few dreamy sighs.

Read more preservation stories from across the country after the jump.

First Glimpse Inside Apple's New Grand Central Terminal Store [Slideshow] - Fox News

A new Apple store is opening tomorrow inside New York City's historic Grand Central Terminal. Check out the slideshow to see the intersection of old and new.

20 Best College Football Venues - eHow

"The pageantry that is college football extends beyond the games played. It begins simply with the field of play and carries into the bleachers, upon which generations of fans have willed their teams to victory and suffered in defeat. The frameworks that have contained these games, the bowls and stadia, are as much a part of the fabric if not more than the games themselves."

Historic Boston to restore 150-year-old Hyde Park building -

"Earlier this fall the Vertullo Building at 74 — 84 Fairmount Ave. was purchased by Historic Boston Inc., a non-profit historic preservation advocate and developer that plans to return the building to its past appearance, before the original clapboards were covered with cedar shakes and large storefront windows were partially covered." How awesome is Historic Boston??

A New LEED for Preservation? - Time Tells

"Life cycle analysis takes us into REAL sustainability because it asks the straightforward question: how long does an investment in a building last? My classic replacement window conundrum is a good example. If a restored wood window costs 3 times as much as a cheap plastic replacement window but last 5 times as long, it is cheaper over the life cycle of the building."

Holiday Gift Guide

Still looking for that perfect gift for the preservationist in your life? If you haven't already, take a look at this year's Holiday Gift Guide. (National Trust memberships also make great gifts.)

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