[10 on Tuesday] Toolkit Round-Up: Saving Different Types of Historic Places

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by Emily Potter 4 Comments

blog_photo_Georgia Bank
A local Midcentury Modern bank in Georgia.

Over the past six months, we’ve brought you a number of toolkits focused on saving different types of historic places -- your local post office, the older church in your community, historic cemeteries, and many others. In this week’s 10 on Tuesday round-up, we’ve gathered all of these posts into a one-stop shop of toolkits to help you save (almost) any kind of place that matters to you.


[10 on Tuesday] 10 Ways to Fight for Your Local Post Office

If the United States Postal Service decides to sell or relocate a historic post office in your town, here are 10 steps you can take to protect the local landmark.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Save Your Historic Neighborhood School

Historic schools offer many benefits to the surrounding community. If you find a historic school in your neighborhood is threatened, here are 10 steps you can take to help save the treasured building.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Save Your Older or Historic Barn

You don’t have to own a historic barn to be passionate about saving these rural icons. Consider these 10 ways to help save an older or historic barn in your area.


[10 on Tuesday] 10 Tips for Researching Historic Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

Burial grounds need to be well-researched and preserved so they can continue to tell us their stories. This toolkit will get you started learning more about the features of a historic cemetery.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Preserve Historic Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

Now, start saving historic cemeteries and burial grounds with these 10 critical steps.


[10 on Tuesday] 10 Ways to Help Preserve Places of the Recent Past

The stories of our past are told in both older buildings and landscapes, as well as younger places – places of the recent past. Here are 10 things you can do to save these often at-risk, yet significant landmarks.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Preserve Places of Worship, Part One

This toolkit gives you 10 questions to ask to make sure you’re keeping the congregation’s needs at the forefront of any preservation project at a place of worship.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Preserve Places of Worship, Part Two

Part Two in our Places of Worship series presents 10 things to consider when planning for a sympathetic reuse of a sacred space.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Preserve Train Stations

Thousands of original railroad depots have been lost, but there are still thousands more to save. Here are 10 steps your community can take to evaluate and preserve a station in your town.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Rehabilitate a Historic Rosenwald School

Rosenwald Schools are unique landmarks and rich in the stories they tell. This toolkit offers 10 grassroots tips for rehabilitating one of these schools in your community.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Preserve Historic Bridges

Saving historic bridges enable us to look back in time, appreciate where we’ve come from, and plan where we want to go. Here are 10 tips for protecting and preserving these timeless structures.


[10 on Tuesday] 10 Tips for Working with Chain Drug Stores

Preservationists and developers can work together to bring new retail options and a vibrant atmosphere to a historic neighborhood. Here are 10 tips for working with chain drug stores in your community.


[10 on Tuesday] How to Preserve African-American Historic Places

This toolkit offers tips and case studies to help guide you in your efforts to save places of African-American heritage in your community.

Tell us about your experience saving one of these types of historic places -- or any other kind -- in the comments below!

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Emily Potter

Emily Potter is a copywriter at the National Trust. She enjoys writing about places of all kinds, the stories that make them special, and the people who love them enough to save them.

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