[Sitings] Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House

Posted on: June 22nd, 2013 by Mame McCully

A "Usonian" house, Pope-Leighey House was developed as a means of providing affordable housing for people of moderate means.

The Pope-Leighey House, designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is located just outside Washington. D.C. in Alexandria, Virginia. This Site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation is located at Woodlawn, a 126-acre estate that was originally part of George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Commissioned in 1939 by Loren Pope, a journalist in Falls Church, the residence was sold to Robert and Marjorie Leighey in 1946. The house was in the path of an expansion of Highway 66, so in an effort to preserve the building, Mrs. Leighey gave the property to the National Trust, which relocated it to nearby Woodlawn.

Visitors should take time to explore both historic houses -- and as you will see, the Pope Leighey House should not be missed!

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Mame McCully

Mame McCully is a marketing manager at the National Trust. Her heart is forever in the Midwest, but she loves to travel, explore new places, and spend time with family and friends.