[SLIDESHOW] Instagram Tour: Mount Auburn Cemetery

Posted on: January 7th, 2013 by Roberta Lane 1 Comment

Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass., is one of the most significant historic cemeteries in the country, an astounding public amenity and site of repose, and one of my favorite places. Opened in 1831, this National Historic Landmark was among the first "landscape cemeteries," a major departure from the stark burying grounds that came before. And it also happens to be a couple of short miles from my home.

Now, a confession: I'm addicted to Instagram. And for a while after becoming addicted, I actually held off on photographing at Mount Auburn. I was saving it, as I wanted to be there on the perfect day, with unlimited time, because the artistry and design collected there are out of this world.

And that's the point, right? Transcendence. What I really wanted was to channel historic Mount Auburn’s transcendence out to others, using this handy tool for connecting with people around the world.

The result is my first "Instagram Tour," in which I'll take you through some of my favorite spots in the cemetery and share fun facts along the way. I hope you'll get to visit in person one day, but until then, let this virtual tour whet your appetite.

Find me on Instagram at robertal7, and the National Trust at presnation.

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Roberta Lane

Roberta Lane

Roberta Lane is the Senior Field Officer and Attorney for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s New York City Field Office. She has been with the National Trust since 2006, delivering preservation technical assistance and legal guidance in the field.


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  1. Jessica B.

    January 7, 2013

    Thank you for this wonderful introduction to Mount Auburn. For more photos, check out our official Instagram account – search for “friendsofmountauburn”. We hope all the readers will visit soon and take their own unique photos of this Cemetery.