Counting Down to the National Preservation Conference in Spokane

Posted on: October 19th, 2012 by Priya Chhaya

Landmark from the 1974 World's Fair in Spokane.

Let’s sit down for a moment and take a breather. It’s always at this moment -- just over a week from the National Preservation Conference -- that the National Trust staff starts walking and talking over a hundred miles a minute as we finish up final preparations. But I always like to take a moment to remind myself about the place we are going.

This year it's Spokane, Washington. When someone thinks of visiting the State of Washington, Seattle always seems to be first on everyone’s mind. But no more. Spokane is a city that boasts 17 different historic districts and a variety of arts and culture venues, and I’m looking forward to experiencing as much as possible.

Take Riverfront Park, for example. In 1974 this was the home of Exposition ’74, the “World’s Fair.” Prior to its arrival this area of the city was covered by rail yards. But the city took the Expo’s arrival as an opportunity to clean up its brownfields and create what is now known as Riverfront Park -- home to a variety of attractions, including a Skyride over Spokane Falls which lie at the heart of the city.

As luck would have it, we are arriving during the short period when all of the attractions are open at once, providing an opportunity to fully recognize this great remediation and preservation project.

On top of experiencing the best that this city has to offer, I’m looking forward to my train ride into Spokane aboard the Empire Builder line (more on that when I return), and my stay at the beautiful historic Davenport Hotel. So while we may be a little harried counting down to sessions, tours, and events, we are also counting down to some great days of networking, learning about great preservation work, and exploring an impressive city.

P.S. If you’re going to be in Spokane with us, be sure to stop by the Preservation Leadership Forum booth to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Priya Chhaya

Priya Chhaya

Priya Chhaya is Associate Manager for Online Content, Preservation Resources at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. A public historian at heart, she sees history wherever she goes and believes that it is an important part of the American identity.

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