History and Exploration in Beaufort, SC

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Priya Chhaya

It wasn't long after my arrival in Beaufort this past Monday that I began to feel a blog post coming on. The trip down from Charleston was punctuated by views of the state's rolling green landscape of marshes, moss-draped Live Oaks, and its infamous palmetto palms. However, it wasn't a particularly nice day and the grey skies danced slowly across the sky, obliterating any sunshine I had been hoping for (yet justifying the decision I made earlier in the day to pack a sweater).

The view of Port Royal Sound is sifted by mossy Live Oaks and Palmetto Palms.

Thankfully things didn't stay that way. And while I wasn't here for a vacation, I loved how I could walk a few feet outside my hotel room and see the bay, open and welcoming. Each day we would stroll into a different neighborhood -- from Pidgeon Point to the Northwest Quadrant -- to get a new view of the city. As happens in many charming communities, it didn't take long to play "what movie was filmed here" and spot the bridge from "Forrest Gump" and the house from "The Big Chill."

Beaufort's historic Bay Street.

And then, of course, there was the history (my favorite part). During a walking tour I learned that because Beaufort and Port Royal were taken early on during the Civil War, many of the homes still stand, and were used as hospitals and homes for soldiers. The historic district is gorgeous and as you walk through the Point you feel nurtured by the dense foliage (and smile at the trees that overhang the roads, marked out with a yellow "low clearance" sign). We saw the Tabernacle African American Church and learned (in perfect timing with the 11 Most Endangered Places announcement) that Smokin' Joe Frazier was born in Beaufort.

Why was I in Beaufort, SC? This last week was the latest Preservation Leadership Training (PLT). Over the course of one week a group of preservationists from Canada to Georgia gathered to learn about development tools and financing. Like all PLT's they learned by doing, using case studies and tangible buildings and places to come up with preservation solutions.

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Priya Chhaya

Priya Chhaya

Priya Chhaya is Associate Manager for Online Content, Preservation Resources at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. A public historian at heart, she sees history wherever she goes and believes that it is an important part of the American identity.

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