Preservation Round-Up: 11 Most in the News

Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by David Garber 1 Comment

Each year, the week of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places announcement is always busy with events, web updates, press calls, and media coverage. And each year we're fortunate to help draw a lot of attention to places that need it.

Our lists of threatened historic places resonate because they cover a wide set of history and place interests, and a diversity of geography, site type, and related people groups. As you can see below, this year's list is no different, so we thought we'd share some of the great pieces that came through the wire over the past couple days.

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One Response

  1. David Mash

    June 15, 2012

    I am shocked that the Trust would preview its list to its Facebook members and not include their regular membership in this preview. This discriminates within its membership and favors those on Facebook. I have canceled my membership and I know of others who are doing the same. I did not expect to be treated as a second class Member by the Trust in favor of its Facebook Members. I am very disappointed.