Restoration Diary: Joists and Belgian Waffles

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by David Garber 1 Comment

The big news at Lionel Lofts over the past month -- during which time not a lot of *visual* progress has been made, save for the new foundation wall in the back of the building -- is that the retail space has been leased to "B Too," a new concept from Belgian chef Bart Vandaele, who has built a following at the Capitol Hill neighborhood's popular brunch spot Belga Café.

Even cooler is the news that all of the building's original joists will be reused inside the restaurant. The boards will be taken offsite to be cleaned and treated, but will retain a rustic looks inside the new space.

The Washington Post revealed some exciting details on the restaurant space last month:

The ground floor of the 150-seat restaurant, a former locksmith shop, will feature a waffle bar and breakfast by day and frites served through a window at night. To access the private dining room in the basement of B Too, diners will descend on a glass stairway that will make visible the contents of the wine and beer cellar. Open kitchens will distinguish both floors.

Guess we still have a few Restoration Diary posts to go before this great building adaptation is complete...

More information on this development project can be found on the Lionel Lofts website.

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  1. Brian Furgison

    June 18, 2012

    The glass stairway to thew basement dining room sounds great. This is a fantastic idea for a restaurant (and it should look great with all of those visual flourishes, especially the joists) and I can’t wait to see more updates.