Preservation Round-Up: Found on Facebook Edition

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by David Garber 2 Comments

Today's Preservation Round-Up is a selection of stories you alerted us to on our Facebook page. As much as we have our ear to the ground for local preservation stories and efforts around the country, we can't be everywhere at once, so we greatly appreciate your shares. Here are some recent posts worth checking out.

Historic Preservation Needs in Los Angeles

"I've just created a shared google map for alerting folks to historic preservation emergencies in their LA communities. Click to see what's in danger near you, and please add any place you are worried about which is not already on the map."

The Last Humble Gas Station

"Humble Oil was once the most important oil company in Texas with service stations stretched across the state and huge refineries that supplied both Texans and motorists across the country."

Massive Fergus Falls, Minnesota Hospital in Danger of Demolition

"What would you do with 700,000+ square feet of pretty much raw space? The Historic Fergus Falls State Hospital (now RTC) is in need of your ideas. No idea is too outlandish - what would you do with this building?"

Philadelphia's Historic St. Peter’s Church Needs You

"St. Peter’s is one of those places that makes you realize you can go home again.  From her beautiful windows to the high boxes inside the church, to the climb up the stairs for a look out over the church yard, St. Peter’s is just a very cool place."

Kickstarter to Restore a Historic Building and Open a Coffee House

"I am trying to save this historic building and create a gathering place for the community and visitors! The Kickstarter project is to help raise the funds to complete the restoration of the building and create an outdoor space open to the public." 

How Key West Preserves its Historic Architecture

"The unique beauty of Key West’s historic architecture attracts visitors and home buyers from around the world. These timeless homes, many dating from the late 1800s and featuring architectural styles no longer built, offer a glimpse of the past like no other.  Yet -- preservation did not come naturally."

Children Go Where I Send You - A Rosenwald School's  Struggle

""Children Go Where I Send You" will tell the story of the historic Mill Neck School in Hertford County, North Carolina. In August of 2011, Hurricane Irene severely damaged the roof of the school, leaving much of the interior exposed to the elements.  Members of Mill Neck Missionary Baptist Church, to whom the school belongs, are at a crossroads.  Should they tear down the 1927 structure or can they find a way to achieve their dream of turning it into a community center?"

Restoring a Historic Theater in Paducah, Kentucky

"Build in the early 1900's the Columbia Theater is a part of Paducah's history. We spoke with Lisa Thompson who is the Executive Director of the Paducah Renaissance Alliance about the renovations taking place."

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2 Responses

  1. Jean Roen

    May 24, 2012

    Thank you so much for mentioning our Kirkbride. We are getting down to the wire where the city is going to start Demolition. Any help at all is appreciated.

    Thank you again for mentioning us in your blog.

  2. Steven W Lindsey

    May 24, 2012

    Good to see the National Trust seems to be putting its feelers out via Facebook on issues facing us in the hinterland.

    Of interest to me is not “How Key West Preserves Its Historic Architecture,” but how it doesn’t protect its maritime heritage… The former WW II ship Mohawk. See:—WWII-battleship-makes-final-port-on-Beach.html?nav=5051

    Our nation’s maritime heritage should be part of our national heritage. I wish the National Trust would consider more maritime heritage issues.

    Hon. Steven W Lindsey
    state rep
    Keene, NH