Preservation Round-Up: The Windmills of Golden Gate Park Edition

Posted on: April 30th, 2012 by David Garber

The now-restored Murphey Windmill in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, as it appeared in 2009. (Photo: itspaulkelly on Flickr)

Golden Gate Park's Historic Windmill Spins Again - San Francisco Chronicle

"The windmill, which stands in the southwestern corner of the park and has been in the process of being refurbished since 2002, is in its final phases of restoration. It will spin with its older compatriot to the north, the Dutch windmill, which has already been restored to its original appearance."

Montpelier: A Lesson in Historic Sleuthing - Old House Web

"Some finds were sheer luck. Bits of wallpaper were found in rats' nests. A photograph that happened to capture a mirror led to an understanding of the way a particular door opened into the house. The look of the original roof became clear with a single wood shingle found in the attic."

Land Swap Planned for Historic Black School -

"Central High School was an 'equalization' school that had only black students from 1956 through 1970. Some alumni have been meeting every week for the last year, discussing ways to preserve the school and bring more programs to area residents. [...] Georgia spent $30 million building 500 equalization schools all across the state in the 1950s. It was a massive resistance to integration, trying to prove that schools for blacks could be separate but equal."

Old Tennessee Jail to Become Military Museum - Chattanooga Times Free Press

"The 160-year-old Bledsoe County Jail building likely will never hold another prisoner, but it will offer a home to a military museum and the county's Veterans Service Office. [...] Two years ago, the county was awarded a $17,000 Historic Preservation Fund grant to put toward restoration."

Everyday Hero: Sam Collins III - The Galveston Daily News

"After purchasing our historic property, I was bitten by the preservation and history bug. I began researching my family history and local history. I enjoy learning about American history. I also enjoy helping others to recognize the value of the contributions of African-Americans to our shared American history. I want people to realize that African-American history is American history. African-American history is not more important than any other American history, but it is equally not less important."

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