Historic Real Estate: King of the Castle Edition

Posted on: April 20th, 2012 by David Garber

Ever dreamed of living in your own castle? With this Tudor Revival home on the market in Denver, that dream could become reality. That is, if you can cough up the $3,750,000 asking price. The home -- more formally known as The Richthofen Castle -- was completed in 1887 by the uncle and godfather of the WWI Prussian flying ace, Manfred von Richthofen (AKA The Red Baron).

A native of Prussia, original owner Baron Walter Von Richthofen modeled the castle after his ancestral home. He purchased 320 rural acres which he named "Montclair" (now home to the Denver neighborhood of Montclair), and had plans to develop his land into a health and recreational resort -- but ended up parceling it out for development.

Some details to note are the coat of arms on the tower above the main entrance, and the sandstone bust of former German King Frederick Barbarossa on the northeast corner of the home.

The house consists of 35 rooms, including a drawing room, library, music alcove, servant's quarters, butler's pantry, billiards room, "Red Baron" bar (previously the coal room), eight bedrooms, and seven bathrooms, all fitted out with details like handcrafted woodwork, leaded glass, and hand-tooled leather wallpaper with gold inlays. 

But no blog post on the Richthofen Castle would be complete without also acknowledging the home's less-than-tidy history. In 1911, it was the scene of one of Denver's most storied domestic killings. Mrs. Gertrude Patterson, the victim of an elaborate marriage hoax, shot her abusive husband twice in the back. The all-male jury accepted her plea of self-defense, noting the lack of chivalry her husband had displayed.

But regardless of its more unsavory history, this is a great opportunity to snatch up the home that the National Register called "the most remarkable residence in Denver."

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