Preservation Round-Up: 8th Wonder Edition

Posted on: April 9th, 2012 by David Garber

The Astrodome, now a windswept relic. (Photo: kshilcutt on Flickr)

8th Wonder: A Tour of Houston's Rotting Astrodome - Houston Press

"The Reliant Astrodome was -- is -- the Eighth Wonder of the World. Generations of Houston-area kids spent their days dreaming of playing on the field under that massive domed ceiling. On Tuesday, April 3, Reliant officials gave a handful of members of the media a tour of the once-magnificent Mid Century American icon." Story: Digging Around the All-But-Abandoned Astrodome.

Restoring Retro Hollywood, One Apartment at a Time - The Atlantic Cities

"Los Angeles native Dave Goldstein is passionate about historic restoration. He began collecting and restoring vintage apartment buildings 25 years ago. Today, he has a portfolio of 30-plus properties restored to their original condition, and a following of art deco and Hollywood groupies lining up to rent them."

Hold That Bridge! This Dilapidated Warehouse Is a Landmark - The Bay Citizen

"The massive steel infrastructure that supports construction of the new Bay Bridge carefully straddles a dilapidated 19th-century warehouse. This nondescript, reportedly asbestos-infested wreck had been discarded for most of a century. Some consider the structure, known as Building 262, so historically important that the new $6 billion bridge construction must be accomplished without disturbing or damaging the relic."

Dodger Stadium Turns 50: Top 10 Moments - Los Angeles Times

"Times columnist John Hall wrote, from opening day of the 1962 season: "Los Angeles has itself a major league ballpark, a truly remarkable stadium that is obviously destined to become recognized as the finest in the world. And those who were there will never forget how it all started...""

Ohio Tears Through Blighted Housing Problem - National Public Radio

"Shuttered homes often draw arsonists, vandals and scrap metal thieves. To help alleviate those problems, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine wants to destroy abandoned homes all across the state. He's setting aside $75 million of the state's mortgage settlement money to fund the demolitions."

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