[VIDEO] De/Re-Constructing an Historic Metal Facade

Posted on: January 30th, 2012 by David Garber

Working with old and historic buildings is often a lesson in patience. So when I came across this time-lapse video of the old Opera House in Stewardson, Illinois, having its galvanized iron facade carefully removed, it was refreshing to imagine it all happening in a matter of seconds.

As background, the old opera house was slated for demolition by the Village of Stewardson - who agreed to allow its Mesker Brothers galvanized iron facade to be salvaged for reuse on a fire-damaged main street building in neighboring Arcola, Illinois. See the completed building below:

Stewardson Opera Hall facade in Arcola, IL
The restored and relocated facade in Arcola, Illinois. (Photo: Darius Bryjka)

Check out the Mesker Brothers blog for more about the building and the type of facade seen in the video.

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