Preservation Round-Up: Gingerbread Architecture Edition

Posted on: December 22nd, 2011 by David Garber

The gingerbread High Line. (Photo: Friends of the High Line)

Y'all: There's a lot of gingerbread reconstruction happening this year. And although here at the National Trust we don't often highlight historical reconstructions, we figured that their popularity, high frosting content, and general sense of whimsy qualified this group for a special post.

Food Architecture: Gingerbread High Line - High Line Blog

"The mini-High Line, made entirely of gingerbread, frosting, and festive winter plants, captures some of the park’s iconic architectural details, like the art deco railing and the Pentagram-designed High Line “H” logo on the structure’s column. There are even two gingerbread people taking a pleasant wintertime stroll."

Fallingwater Now Comes in Gingerbread Form - ARTINFO

"In recent years, have your nieces and nephews been stealing the show at your family’s annual gingerbread building competition? Perhaps your designs need to be a little more ambitious. Why not up the ante with a gingerbread house modeled after a famous architectural structure?"

Make sure to click through to the full slideshow of gingerbread architectural landmarks.

Historic Muncie returns in gingerbread form - The Star Press

"Ball Stores, the old Delaware County Courthouse and the late, lamented Rivoli Theater are rising again, thanks to Ivy Tech Community College culinary students. Of course, instead of brick and stone, they're made out of gingerbread."

"There is even a Montpelier Gingerbread house!"James Madison’s Montpelier

"‘Tis the season for holiday traditions: decorating, baking, caroling and shopping are underway across the country. As we prepare for  ”A Christmas Evening at Montpelier,” we’re also decking the halls with modern and Madison-era works of art to show our guests."

A few more holidays-inspired preservation links after the jump.

An Express Trip to Wonderland - Seth Saith

"Created by an amazingly talented craftsman named Paul Busse and his associates, "Wonderland" is an indoor garden featuring replicas of Chicago's most famous buildings made out of various, mostly natural, materials."

Protect your old house this holiday season - Old House Web

"Staying safe during the winter months takes a special kind of vigilance, especially in an old house. Now is the time to call a contractor to handle any issues with the furnace, wiring or fireplace. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Historic Homes For The Holidays: The Breakers - Union Park Press

"When you think about Newport, your mind might go straight to those balmy summer months, where you might spend the day on the beach and the afternoon on the lawn at Castle Hill, drink in hand. But did you know that one of the best times to visit Newport is actually during the holiday season?"

David Garber is the blog editor at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Although he has yet to make an edible landmark this year, he did eat a cookie in the shape of a house, if that counts for anything.

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