Preservation Round-Up: Is That House Haunted? Edition

Posted on: October 31st, 2011 by David Garber

I'm going to go ahead and say that yes, that house is definitely haunted. (Photo: Flickr user milesdavissmiley)

Today's Preservation Round-Up focuses on preservation stories with a spooky twist. Happy Halloween!

Is that old house really haunted? - Old House Web

"Whether you believe in ghosts or not, one thing is certain: an old house has so many little quirks and creaks that the thought of ghosts definitely messes with your head."

Garden City groups partner for haunted house - The Topeka Capital-Journal

"Organizers and volunteers behind the largest known haunted house in southwest Kansas ... have been building bloody sets and other frightening fabrications during the past several weeks as a benefit for the Windsor Hotel on Main Street."

Spooky Encounters at Historic Houses - President Lincoln's Cottage Blog

"According to ancient beliefs, October 31st is the one day of the year when the veil between the spirit world and our own is lifted. For a brief period of time, the dead are given free rein to roam the earth and communicate with the living. A centuries-old historic house is the ideal setting for such an encounter."

Preservation and Archaeology on Eustis Street - Historic Boston, Inc.

"One of the biggest challenges Historic Boston, Inc. encountered during construction at the Eustis Street Fire House was excavating next to a historic cemetery that contains many unmarked graves.  Although we made every effort to minimize digging, there was no way of avoiding it altogether."

6 Creepy Churches Made of Bones -

"Chandeliers made of bones? An architectural arch lined with skulls? These aren’t bloody scenes from House of 1000 Corpses, they're typical parts of your run-of-the-mill ossuary! When graves and catacombs became over-crowded with bones largely due to the plague, churches began sorting and placing the bones in designated bone rooms."

Historic Ithaca tour finds life in cemeteriesIthaca Journal

"If a grave marker tells a short story - a name, two dates, a single life - the cemetery where it resides becomes a collection weaving together a larger tale of a people and an era. The Ithaca City Cemetery tells such a chronicle and, like any story, is full of characters, symbols and moments for personal reflection."

For All Saints Day in New Orleans, traditions new and old -

"The line between the present and the past blurs in New Orleans, and it seemed to vanish altogether one day off congested Claiborne Avenue in St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. ... The cemetery, established in 1823, is crowded with some of the oldest and most historic tombs in the city. Inscriptions in French go back almost 200 years."

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