Historic Properties for Sale: California Frank-enstein Edition

Posted on: October 28th, 2011 by David Garber 1 Comment

Halloween approacheth. And truly, there's no better way to mark the holiday than to show off an amazing, scary-only-in-price house by Frank Lloyd Wright. Followed by two also-pretty-amazing historic homes that, whose pricetags we hope won't completely spook you out of purchasing. (Yes, friends, another $1 million plus edition. Turns out these historic homes are kinda unique and in high demand.)

The Fawcett House - Los Banos, California

This Frank Lloyd Wright mid-century modern house was built in 1961 of concrete block, mahogany, and glass boasts 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and situated on 80 acres of land. Fifteen pairs of mahogany French doors open the entire interior space to the gracious terrace in the garden court. The deep overhanging roof with copper fascia creates a sense of refuge and a strong horizontal tie to the earth. Oh, and there's a dang cool swimming pool. Pricetag: $1,750,000

C. B. Pearson Estate - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Designed and constructed of local quarried Wissahickon schist in 1913 in the "Pennsylvania farmhouse" style, the C.B. Pearson Estate is situated on a very manageable half-acre parcel of impeccably manicured grounds. this 4,421 square feet residence is fully updated and move-in ready. Pricetag: $1,099,000

Huntingfields Manor - Huntingtown, Maryland

Historic Huntingfields Manor, c.1670, is a significant historic estate with much of its historic detailing intact - all within a gorgeous setting: rolling pastures, historic barns and stables, a tenant house, a one-acre pond, an in-ground pool, a four-bay garage, sauna, gardens, wood floors and so much more. Pricetag: $1,499,900

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