Preservation Round-Up: Y'all Come Back Now, Y'Hear? Edition

Posted on: August 4th, 2011 by David Garber 1 Comment

Where's Granny Moses when you need her most? California could use some of that Clampett fortune...

So much of the time spent on historic preservation is advocacy toward new uses for old structures, freshening up forgotten places, and trying to get other people to care about things that they might not realize are important until they're threatened. In semi-seriousness, "y'all come back now y'hear?" is kind of a perfect mantra for historic preservation. It conveys a sense of renewal, it's a call to action, and to be perfectly frank, reaches out to the granny preservationist militia constituency. (We love you grannies!).

Then again, I can't pretend I didn't just happen upon this phrase while reading through Beverly Hillbillies theme song lyrics ("and up from the ground came a bubblin' crude") in an effort to come up with a title that had something to do with Richard Neutra's Bevery Hills Kronish House (see doctored photo above) - whose owners have, according to the LA Times, "agreed to postpone its demolition until at least Oct. 10 to give preservationists a chance to devise a plan to save the residence."

Speaking of things that need saving... the California State Parks system needs an infusion of cash to re-open 70 parks slated for closure. Check out this great interview about the potential closures and what affect it will have on built and natural heritage within the sites.

In "y'all are starting to come back" news, The Washington Post featured an interesting article about the black middle class moving into DC's Historic Anacostia neighborhood. The Washington City Paper featured a similar article earlier this  year, called "Confessions of a Black Gentrifier." Yes, that was the G Word you just saw. Article comments are sure to be hot.

In Houston, Texas, speculation is rising that Trader Joe's could be moving into the old Alabama Theatre. Seems a pretty good use for a building type that's fallen into hard times since the advent of the personal television.

Across the state in San Antonio, an old (c. 1885) water pumping station is being transformed for use by the Texas Golf Hall of Fame and museum project.

Broken Sidewalk's completely arresting map of Louisville, Kentucky's downtown parking lot epidemic shows that there is already way too much surface parking and absolutely no more buildings need to be demolished to add to the scourge.

Last on today's list is this truly awesome set of "Pop Pilgrims" videos on the A.V. Club that explores the real life places seen or referenced in pop culture. Here's the exploration video of the Mansfield, Ohio prison from "Shawshank Redemption":

Cleveland: The Shawshank Redemption prison

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