Preservation Round-Up: Buffalebrity Sightings Edition

Posted on: July 21st, 2011 by David Garber

For the past week, celebrity National Trust employees Jason Clement, Julia Rocchi, and Leigh Ivey have been weaving through Buffalo, New York filming the documentary Buffalo: Unscripted. They've explored abandoned grain elevators, locally-owned hangouts, and architectural masterpieces, and listened - cameras rolling - to tons of rock star residents about what makes their city kick.

And the press hasn't exactly ignored their arrival, either. In light of the present and future coolness that is Buffalo: Unscripted, today's Preservation Round-Up is all about their Queen City exploits. Oh, and by the way: Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo. (No comprende? See below - and read this post from - for a little Buffalonian English lesson.)

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo. from PreservationNation on Vimeo.

And so, without further ado, here's some of what the Buffalo: Unscripted team has been up to:

Going off-limits at Buffalo historic sites (via Buffalo Rising). "The Shutterbug Series on the Buffalo Unscripted filming schedule will allow participants to access areas of historic properties that are normally off limits to the public. Whether you are a professional photographer or just old building lovers with a point-and-shoot camera, the National Trust for Historic Preservation will be giving folks an opportunity to have their own "off limits" experiences inside some true Buffalo icons." Check out's photos from the Larkin District tour (and these) and at Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House.

The National Trust's own Leigh Ivey at the Central Terminal. (Photo: Jason Clement)

Prepping for the National Preservation Conference (via Buffalo Business First). With the National Trust's annual conference just around the corner, we wanted to make sure we really knew the city that's hosting us.

Organizing events in the Central Terminal (via The Good Neighborhood). Buffalo's Central Terminal is one of it's greatest (yet most in need of some new life) public spaces - and the Buffalo: Unscripted team gave it a proper highlight as the location of their kickoff event. This post also includes a great interview with Jason and Julia.

Explaining that Preservation is more than just saving old houses and old historic sites (via Project lead Jason Clement says it all here: "Yes, there’s lots of beautiful old homes and mansions and things like that that people associate with the preservation movement, but this movement is doing great, cutting-edge things to reintroduce cities to buildings that they have forgotten or that people don’t think there’s a future for."

Giving locals a chance to 'tell it like it is' (via "Chances are, no matter where you live in the 716, you’ve got a pretty strong opinion about the Queen City’s successes, its foibles and its prospects. Chances are its been percolating for quite some time. And chances are, if someone thrust a camera in your face and asked you to share, you wouldn’t hold back. At least that’s what a trio of staffers from the National Trust for Historic Preservation ... are banking on."

Kicking things off party-style (via Buffalo Rising). Story above, video below. has some great photos of the kickoff. And what would a kick-off be without a new-fashioned Good Vibrations flash mob (via The Good Neighborhood):

Helping to re-cast Buffalo's image (via "To the majority of people across the United States, the image of our city remains suspended in a murky snow globe constructed sometime around the Blizzard of ’77. To them, it’s a decayed hinterland of little redeeming character whose residents long ago stopped trying to break free from the death-grip of inexorable decline. We all know that to be patently false. But we can’t really blame them for holding that viewpoint, because until very recently, we’ve given them almost no reason to know better."

Inspiring big media to think about Buffalo (via The Atlantic). "...few things tick me off as much as those who write off our older industrial cities as relics of the past, as if they had no future. Nothing could be farther from the truth..."

So ya. We are completely excited to have the opportunity to shed new light on Buffalo. We hope you'll join us at the National Preservation Conference from October 19-22 in Buffalo, where we'll be premiering Unscripted. Get excited.

David Garber is a member of the Digital and New Media team at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. He's a bit jealous the film crew and their Buffaladventures, but still proud to be watching from the sidelines.

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