Wanna Talk About Adaptive Use? Join Us Tomorrow on Twitter!

Posted on: March 1st, 2011 by Sarah Heffern 1 Comment

Twitter iconA few years back, those of us on the online communications team at PreservationNation joined Twitter on something of a whim. We had one colleague who sat in a different room from the rest of us, and we thought it would be handy to tweet him to let him know when meetings spontaneously erupted. (Which they did - and still do - kind of a lot.)

Though Jason did end up looped into more of our brainstorming sessions, we quickly realized it was useful far beyond just saying, "Come upstairs now!" and thus, the @PresNation account was born. In the two years since we started the account, we've mostly used it for making our blog & website stories more easily sharable, but it has also given us the chance to live-tweet conference sessions, answer member questions, and starting tomorrow -  host twitter chats.

For those who've never participated in a Twitter chat, it essentially works like this - as described by tomorrow's moderator, Kayla Jonas, an Ontario-based preservationist:

How to join in:

1. Sign in to Twitter, Tweet Deck or Tweet Chat. I usually use Tweet Chat to follow twitter chats since it adds the hash tag automatically.

2. Follow and tweet with the hashtag #builtheritage

3. Watch for the questions in the Q1 format. Provide answers using the A1 format, and interact with other tweeters using replies and retweets.

If that sounds complicated, really it's not... it's rather like participating in an instant messenger or Gchat conversation, except with lots and lots of people at the same time. If you're new to Twitter and are daunted by the prospect of jumping right in, there's always the option of just reading along and not participating. But don't be shy - Kayla, my colleague Julia Rocchi, and I are all brand new to running a chat, too, so we can all learn together!

We'll be gathering online from 4:00 -5:00 EST tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2 at the #builtheritage hashtag. Our topic is going to be adaptive use, and we'll have a few questions prepared to get the ball rolling.

Hope to tweet you there!

Sarah Heffern is the content manager for PreservationNation.org. She can be found on Twitter at @smheffern, where she spends possibly too much of her free time tweeting about social media, pop culture, food, and the Washington Capitals.

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Sarah Heffern

Sarah Heffern

Sarah Heffern is the social media strategist for the National Trust’s Public Affairs team. While she embraces all things online and pixel-centric, she’s also a hard-core building hugger, having fallen for preservation in a fifth grade “Built Environment” class. Follow her on Twitter at @smheffern.


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