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Posted on: November 4th, 2010 by Julia Rocchi

Jason, Caroline, and I (Julia) made it back alive from Austin Unscripted. Sick. Exhausted. Taco-deprived. But definitely alive.

We can't believe it was only two weeks ago today that we arrived in Austin armed with handheld cameras, a roll of duct tape, and a dream no clue how it was all going to turn out. Well, now we know: 95 interviews, 13 stops, and 2 pounds of guacamole later, we've learned that most Austinites are preservationists -- some intentional, others accidental -- and all of them love their city.

But in the immortal words of "Reading Rainbow," you don't have to take my word for it. Watch the interviews for yourself and see what folks in Austin said about their home.

Also, you'll notice we don't have 95 interviews posted yet. That's because we on the Austin Unscripted team -- now that we've moved past our colds and food cart withdrawal -- are still banging out the finished versions. Keep an eye on the PreservationNation YouTube channel to see the complete batch over the next week or so.

In the meantime, come behind-the-scenes with the Austin Unscripted team for some of our favorite moments. (You can watch the full slideshow here.) If you ever wanted to know what extreme weather patterns we faced, or why we sounded so giggly in our tweets, or how in the world we could put away so much food, well ... here are your answers.

The back of our rental car. It was like the Jenga of equipment transport. Next year we're hoping the Container Store will sponsor us for more efficient carrying cases ... hint hint ...

Who said responsible, wage-earning adults can't indulge in the occasional toy store visitation? We worked out our nervous energy pre-meetup #1 at Toy Joy, an awesome shop that dazzled us with all its colors and games. Jason snapped this shot right after our 'funny sunglasses modeling session.'

We love publicity. We also love highlighters. And when the two combined at Wheatsville Co-op? Priceless.

One of many interviews over the course of the weekend. This terrific chat happened outside the historic Victory Grill in Austin's East End. If you've never stopped by, by all means go! You'll feast your eyes on the murals outside and commune with Janis Joplin's spirit inside.

The life of an Austin Unscripted team member wasn't all fun and games, you know. We also had to do things like organize release forms, check audio levels, and keep equipment dry in the midst of freak rainstorms at the Austin Farmers' Market.

Can you believe this photo was taken the same day at the previous one? Obviously, the sun came out once we reached the Hey Cupcake and Frigid Frog food truck lot in South Congress. Because if there's one thing that will bring sunshine to your life, it's sugar.

Just looking at this picture of Caroline's lunch makes me hungry. Torchy's Tacos is where we may or may not have consumed two pounds of guacamole while talking to friendly folks from around town. Also, Jessica Alba reportedly showed up there too that day. Sadly, our paths did not cross. I would love to know if she considers herself a preservationist.

There's more where these came from! Check out our complete behind-the-scenes set on Flickr.

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Julia Rocchi

Julia Rocchi

Julia Rocchi is the director of digital content at the National Trust. By day she wrangles content; by night (and weekends), she shops local, travels to story-rich places, and walks around looking up at buildings.

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