Come for the Preservation, Stay for the 'Man-sized' Breakfast Taco

Posted on: July 13th, 2010 by Julia Rocchi

As a city, Austin is one in a million, so it's appropriate that one of the local establishments setting it apart is, well, Juan in a Million.

A fixture of the Austin community for close to 30 years, this Mexican restaurant and caterer is known for its "legendary breakfast tacos," a tantalizing mix of eggs, cheese, meat, beans, and anything else you want wrapped in a tortilla. Plus, you can eat it with one hand, which leaves your other hand free to receive a personal handshake from Juan himself.

Our colleague Jason Clement -- a Texas native and budding director -- spoke with Juan earlier this summer about what makes Austin special to him. Check out Juan's response (and a picture of a breakfast taco!).

Since we just gave you a craving a quarter-pound breakfast taco, the polite thing to do is help you satisfy it. And for that, we have only one remedy: Join us at the National Preservation Conference this October and try out Juan in a Million for yourself.

Want to make it happen? Come back on Thursday for critical conference details from Jason as he hangs out 775 feet above sea level ...

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Julia Rocchi

Julia Rocchi

Julia Rocchi is the director of digital content at the National Trust. By day she wrangles content; by night (and weekends), she shops local, travels to story-rich places, and walks around looking up at buildings.