Preservation Roundup: Bowling Green Park, Reviving the Rust Belt, Catacomb Mapping

Posted on: May 11th, 2009 by Matt Ringelstetter

Thirty Minute Tour of Bowling Green Park: "Stand in Bowling Green Park in New York City and look around at the park and the buildings on its perimeter. At one time or another over the centuries here, Native American tribes gathered in council, men and women bought tickets for ocean passage in a couple of the nearby buildings, and John D. Rockefeller oversaw his dominating oil company and his charitable work from an office in another. In the late 19th century thousands marching in support of workers ended their Labor Day parades in Bowling Green, and many grand ticker tape parades have started here. To get a compact experience of history, great architecture, and a peaceful respite, Bowling Green and the area adjacent to it in Lower Manhattan provide as good as any space in New York."  [Mindful Walker]

Reviving the Rust Belt: Smart City Radio's latest podcast episode examines how grass root and civic-level activists are working to reinvigorate "rustbelt" economies. [Smart City Radio]

San Francisco As It Used To Be: [BLDGBLOG]

Uranium Prospecting in the Grand Canyon: Two weeks ago, New Mexico's Mount Taylor was named to our annual 11 Most Endangered list due to the threat of mining within its rich uranium deposit. In related news, the Bureau of Land Management has given the OK for several new uranium exploration permits around Grand Canyon National Park. [Scientific American]

Mapping Rome's Catacombs: An ambitious 3D mapping project, led by a team of 10 Austrian and Italian archaeologists, is underway within Rome's second century AD catacombs. [BBC]

The Lost Continent: Magical Medina: "Medina, New York: a village in rural Orleans County on the Lake Ontario plains, between Rochester and Buffalo, and obscure and even unknown to even many western New Yorkers. This photogenic Erie Canal village hosted the Landmark Society's annual preservation conference on May 2." [Confessions of a Preservationist]

Crack Gardens: "Tectonic fissures, colonized" [Pruned]

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