Preservation Roundup: Retrofitting NYC, Silo Living, Villa Finale

Posted on: April 27th, 2009 by Matt Ringelstetter

Greening the NYC Skyline: "From solar panels to LED Christmas lights, Rockefeller Center is at the forefront of making old buildings new through sustainable technology." On Earth Day, Mayor Bloomberg announced plans for measures such as retrofitting older buildings in order to reduce NYC's carbon footprint by 30 percent over the next twenty years. [Architects Newspaper]

More from Earth Day NYC: Mindful Walker compares Earth Day 1970 to 2009. [Mindful Walker]

Villa Finale, A National Trust Historic Site: Villa Finale, one of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's newest historic sites is blogging. [VillaFinale]

Paddington Reservoir Adaptive Reuse: A mid-nineteenth century Sydney reservoir converted into an urban park. "The park sits within the ruins of the western chamber and uses the intact interior of the eastern basin as a large column-filled multipurpose space. Where possible, the ironbark columns and cast iron beams have been kept and maintained with new concrete and steel arches, beams and columns inserted within where necessary. Vaulted aluminium sun shading sits perched above the park, signalling the submerged park to Oxford Street above and providing some contrast to the otherwise robust detailing." [Super Colossal]

1940's Grain Silo Converted to Boutique Texas Inn: 'Cause really, what else would it be converted into? "In 2007, Gruene Homestead Inn purchased the 1940s grain silo and remodeled the interior and exterior.  The result is authentic and incredible.  Can you imagine chilling on that front porch, enjoying a little Texas summer?" [Jetson Green]

Infrastructure Disaster: Myth or Reality?: Is our nation's infrastructure really as "deficient and functionally obsolete" as it has been made out to be? Before you go tearing down that historic bridge, consider the differences between "strcutural deficiencies" and "functional obsolescence." [Slate]

Redbud Midcentury: Some very cool photos of a mid-century home in Tulsa that is for sale. From our friends at ModernTulsa. [ModernTulsa]

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