Abraham Lincoln — and His Horse — Arrive in Washington, DC

Posted on: November 10th, 2008 by National Trust for Historic Preservation

Abraham Lincoln and his horse.

Abraham Lincoln and his horse arrived at President Lincoln’s Cottage today—in bronze form, that is. The 2500 pound sculpture, commissioned through the generosity of Robert H. Smith, commemorates Lincoln's bicentennial and will be dedicated in February 2009.

Lincoln and his family lived at the Cottage for one quarter of his presidency -- it was the place where Lincoln plotted Union wartime strategies, worked on the emancipation proclamation and determined to include the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery in the Republican platform of 1864.

The sculpture, designed by StudioEIS in New York, took one year to create from sketches to final cast. To render an historically accurate likeness of the 16th president and his horse, StudioEIS conducted extensive research, including: examination all of the known photos of Lincoln, plus the lifecasts of his face and hands; taking measurements of his top hat and coat at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History; and, working with equine experts and photos of the president's favorite horse, "Old Bob."

Overall, the sculpture measures 84 inches tall and 88 inches long. Unlike the many formal depictions of Lincoln, this one is informal and highlights a moment at either the beginning or the end of Lincoln’s daily commute from the Cottage to the White House.

The Cottage opened to the public February 19, 2008, following a 7-year, $15 million restoration. To find out more and to reserve space on one of its multimedia, state-of-the-art tours, visit: www.lincolnscottage.org.

-Caroline Barker
-Video by Matt Ringelstetter

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