Preservation Roundup: Historic Sites at Risk, Birthmark of the World Trade Center, Revitalization of Crotona Park East

Posted on: November 3rd, 2008 by Matt Ringelstetter

New Jersey Historic Sites at Risk: It's a situation becoming all too common around the country. PreserveNJ discusses the risk that historic sites the Garden State are facing due to the current economic crisis. "We’re going to have to explore innovative ways of funding and managing these important historic places as the NJ state budget shrinks even more." [PreservNJ]

Time Tells on Tulsa: Some very cool photos and reflections from Vince Michael on his experiences at the National Preservation Conference. [Time Tells]

Linked Voids: BLDGBLOG ponders the "so-called birthmark of the World Trade Center," giant, cast-iron rings that were the last traces of the old Hudson and Manhattan RR which crossed underneath the World Trade Center site. "What was once a tunnel – an underground space of air – has been strangely inverted, transformed into an object, freed from its terrestrial context." [BLDGBLOG]

Dubai's Anara Tower Hopes to Gain LEED Silver: In what would surely be the most lavishly designed building to achieve such certification, the iconic Dubai Anara Tower--which has yet to begin construction-- is looking to get LEED Silver status. [Jetson Green]

Revitalization of Crotona Park East: The Bronx neighborhood which President Carter once called America's "worst slum," has come a long way since the 1970's. While some old problems still linger, Crotona Park East has been recently described as having a "suburb in the city" feel to it. [New York Times - Real Estate]

Ebola Island?: The National Trust has a lot of interest in Gulf Coast Recovery and the areas that have been affected by the devastating hurricanes over the past few years. This article may not have anything to do with preservation, but the idea of a national biological defense lab situated so closely to areas that have been ravished by recent storms is alarming. The building is supposedly built to withstand the most devastating of conditions, "says the lab's deputy director, 'The entire island can wash away and this is still going to be here.'" [Pruned]

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