Preservation Roundup: Presidential Elections of Yore, Problems with Green Architecture, Historic Sites and Natural Disasters

Posted on: September 22nd, 2008 by Matt Ringelstetter

The Presidential Campaign of 1864: It's hard to escape the political ads and punditry of this election season, but what was it like for presidential campaigns of the nineteenth century? Lincoln's last summer spent at his presidential cottage in northwest DC was an election year, and he used his time there to rest as well as to mobilize his campaign. [President Lincoln's Cottage]

The Other Side of "Green Architecture": Wait, not everyone is excited over the green architecture trend? Cathleen McGuigan discusses the trendiness in constructing green buildings and how the hype often detracts from building truly sustainable structures. [Newsweek]

Are Historic Sites prepared for Disasters?: With the current hurricane season in full force, it's important to keep in mind that historic homes and sites are also affected by rising water, wind and debris. Max van Balgooy takes a look at disaster planning for historic sites. [National Trust Historic Sites Weblog]

Galveston Today: Confessions of a Preservationist collected a few images from the aftermath of hurricane Ike in the city of Galveston. [Confessions of a Preservationist]

Chinatown--The Next Lower East Side?: Development in New York's Chinatown has some crying "gentrification," and fearing an ensuing hipster invasion. Others see the neighborhood's potential for smart growth and new types of business as a way to cater to the next generation. [Time Out New York]

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