Preservation Roundup: Sustainability Role Models, Greensboro Modernism, Interpreting Slavery at Historic Sites

Posted on: September 16th, 2008 by Matt Ringelstetter

Twenty Most Sustainable Cities: Ethisphere looks at 20 "Global Sustainability Centers," weighing factors such as economies, populations, cultural activities, universities, international recognition, and most importantly "they also needed to have a plan in place that will shift their bulky, mega-hub selves onto an environmentally sustainable path so that by 2020 (the future, if you will), they will be sustainability role models." [Ethisphere]

Modernism in Greensboro: The "Gate City" has developed a reputation as a center of Modernism in the southeast. [Greensboro's Treasured Places]

Interpreting Slavery at Historic Sites: With the inclusion of "history from below" into many historic sites and museums, topics such as slavery need to be interpreted alongside more traditional areas. Max Van Balgooy details the strategies for interpreting these unique histories laid out at a recent meeting of the America Association for State and Local History, held in Rochester, NY. [National Trust Historic Sites]

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