Restoration & Renewal – Reshaping Sustainability at the APT Annual Conference

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If you’re looking for THE Sustainability Symposium of the Season, then look no further. The APT (Association for Preservation Technology International) Annual Conference this year has a Sustainability track and a separate Symposium following the conference. Where? Montréal, Quebec. When? October 13-17th.

Downtown Montreal from Mount Royal Park.

Downtown Montreal from Mount Royal Park.

APT is one of the founding members of our Sustainable Preservation Coalition (and okay, full disclosure, I am the immediate Past President of APT) and the APT Bulletin on Sustainability which came out of APT’s first symposium on Sustainability and Preservation at the Halifax conference in 2005, set the tone for much of the current thinking and policy creation. This is also the 40th Anniversary of APT (a joint American – Canadian organization) and the Conference whose theme is "Moving Forward, Looking Back", is on target to be one heck of a good time too.

So the good news – there are still spots available for the Symposium (description below)  being held at the Centre des Sciences in the Old Port and the  totally cool, hip and modern Biosphere . (Worth the $450 just to get to hang out at these inspiring places and pontificate for 2 days!). The bad news – it’s filling up quickly as is the conference. Most of the field sessions are booked and the special events are close to selling out. If you really want to be a part of the dialogue between people creating the baseline for “green preservation” – then this is a must.

Restoration & Renewal – Reshaping Sustainability

You are invited to actively contribute your professional insights and experiences for

Buckminster Fullers "Biosphere" - site of the APT Symposium on Sustainability & Preservation.

Buckminster Fuller's "Biosphere" - site of part of the APT Symposium on Sustainability & Preservation.

the advancement of sustainable heritage conservation (historic preservation) during the most engaging colloquy of 2008: "Restoration & Renewal-Reshaping Sustainability."  This is the second Sustainable Preservation Symposium presented by APT’s Technical
Committee on Sustainable Preservation (TC*SP).  (The first was presented at the APT
Halifax 2005 Conference.)

The symposium will address topics from the philosophical to the technical and will
view sustainable preservation from the scale of individual buildings to truly global
issues. Most importantly, the Montréal Symposium will attract a critical mass of key leaders in the sustainable preservation field from around the United States, Canada, and beyond. The Montréal Symposium will not be comprised of the conventional
sequence of presentations. Rather, it will draw on the expertise of all participants to
advance sustainable preservation on both the building and community scale. It will
prepare attendees to become more effectively engaged in their own communities and
professional endeavors.

As a participant, you will join a group of the field’s deepest thinkers and most
knowledgeable practitioners to sharpen the vision, clarify the mission, and advance
the techniques of sustainable preservation.  But don't worry, you DO NOT have to be an expert in the field to attend.  If you want to learn, that's just as important. 

Moshe Safdie's Habitat, on one of the Field Session Tours at the APT Conference in Montreal

Moshe Safdie's Habitat, on one of the Field Session Tours at the APT Conference in Montreal

 Any specific questions about the Symposium, email Carl Elefante, Co-Chair of the APT Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation and the Symposium, .  Any questions about the conference in general, feel free to email me at .Hope to see you in Montréal followed immediately by the Trust's Preservation Conference in Tulsa!!  (Yep you guessed it, I won't be home for 2 weeks straight, but hey, I'll have lots of good things to blog about!)

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Barbara Campagna

Barbara A. Campagna, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C was formerly the Graham Gund Architect of the National Trust in the Stewardship of Historic Sites office. She is currently a sustainability consultant to the National Trust and can be reached at


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