North Tulsa: Past, Present and Future

Posted on: June 25th, 2008 by Farin Salahuddin

"North Tulsa: Greenwood and Beyond" is an important and interesting tour that explores both the African American and Native American experience in North Tulsa...and how the public institutions established by those communities continue to serve even today.

Begin your tour in the Greenwood Cultural Center and learn about the 1921 race riots which began with a seemingly harmless accident and ended with the destruction of 32 square blocks and over 600 businesses owned, operated, managed and patronized by an affluent African American Community. This piece of Tulsa's history has been long neglected and many of the event specifics is unknown by many local residents even today.

After you visit the many important cultural landmarks of North Tulsa (Black Wall Street, The GAP area, The Mabel House, The Kennedy Mansion, Owen name a few) you will have the pleasure of ending this session at the Gilcrease Museum, a must-see stop for anyone visiting the city of Tulsa. Learn about the Native American experience in Oklahoma and explore its impressive collection of fine art from "the Americas".

Prior to 1921 the mixed ethnic community of North Tulsa was uniquely left to progress on its own. The residents built a community with retail, commerce, governement, education....all that a thriving community needs to survive. However, beginning with the debilitating blow of the 1921 race riots and continuing with the urban redevelopment of more recent years, the North Tulsa neighborhood continues on its journey of both suffering and survival.

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