Caution! Tulsa Blogging Ahead!

Posted on: June 12th, 2008 by Lori Feinman

FIVE burgers for $1?!  Intriguing, and yet disgusting.For some people, the holiday season is their favorite time of year - the presents, the aroma of artificially scented candles, an overabundance of baked goods....not me (except for the baked goods, they're keepers). My favorite time of year is DRY RUN TIME. The conference staff leaves this Sunday for Tulsa to dry-run all the field sessions being offered at the Conference. Hopefully, by now you've received your preliminary program and have looked at what is being offered - a wonderful variety of experiences in a state that has yet to see a National Preservation Conference. In addition to experiencing Tulsa in-depth, we'll visit Oklahoma City, the Cherokee Nation, Bartlesville, Muskogee, Sapulpa, Ponca City, Guthrie, east-bound and west-bound on Route 66, and dozens of other places quirky and wonderful (keep an eye out for the next issue of Preservation, it's all about Tulsa, too).

Our first day includes dry runs of the Tulsa Downtown Safari Walking Tour and the Candlelight House Tour in Maple Ridge. Watch this space for frequent updates, and to whet your appetite for all things Tulsa.

And if I'm wrong and you haven't yet received your Preliminary Program, go to the conference page or see a PDF right away.

Thanks to the National Park Service for this and other great photos of Route 66.

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