Notes from the Field: New Orleans

Posted on: October 23rd, 2007 by Walter Gallas

The Dauphine Street house in Holy Cross looked like this past week.Last week, the Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference came to New Orleans -- a couple of years later than its originally intended dates in October of 2005. The Preservation Resource Center, the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s long-time local partner in New Orleans, and our base of operations, was in the spotlight this week through its Operation Comeback demonstration house at the corner of Dauphine and Jourdan in Holy Cross. The house was a centerpiece of the conference with tours delivering people to the Holy Cross neighborhood several times a day to see the work in progress.

The Dauphine Street house in Holy Cross in December 2005.During Hurricane Katrina, a 60-ton pecan tree fell on the house splitting the roof and nearly destroying the house. PRC’s Operation Comeback purchased the house and in in the final stages of its renovation as a single-family house near the Mississippi River levee. The house was also the site of the conference’s opening reception, which brought even more people to Holy Cross for a look at the neighborhood.

Walter Gallas is director of the New Orleans Field Office.

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