Beyond Green Building: Morning Round-Up

Posted on: September 28th, 2007 by Patrice Frey

Unnatural Disaster: Global Warming and our National Parks -- From National Parks Conservation Association Press Release. Global warming has escalated the risk of wildfire to national parks including Sequoia and Kings Canyon and Yosemite.

Our Moral Footprint – NYT.  Former Czech President  Vaclav Havel on climate change:  “We can’t endlessly fool ourselves that nothing is wrong and that we can go on cheerfully pursuing our wasteful lifestyles, ignoring the climate threats and postponing a solution. Maybe there will be no major catastrophe in the coming years or decades. Who knows? But that doesn’t relieve us of responsibility toward future generations”

Billions Committed for Environment at  Clinton Global Initiative – ENS.  Today in New York, the opening day of the third annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, CGI, brought together some 1,000 leaders of business, government and nongovernmental organizations from over 70 countries, including 52 current and former heads of state, who made commitments focusing on the Initiative's four focus areas: education, energy and climate change, global health and poverty alleviation.   

Economic Models Overestimate the Costs of Energy and Climate Polices – Sustainable Business. Testifying today at the U.S. House Science Subcommittee on Research and Science Education today, ACEEE Senior Economist for Technology Policy John A. "Skip" Laitner said that "most current economic policy models substantially overestimate the costs of energy and climate policies, because they consistently overlook the economic benefits of energy savings from accelerated adoption of energy-efficient technologies, changing social preferences, and more energy-aware behaviors." 

Britain to start phasing out high energy lightbulbs - Reuters.  Britain will begin phasing out energy-guzzling incandescent lightbulbs early next year in favor of low energy varieties as part of its battle against climate change, the environment ministry said on Thursday 

PG&E And Start-up To Create Giant Solar Projects - Reuters - Two of the nation's biggest power companies are teaming up with a solar start-up to create one of the world's largest solar power projects, which they say could make electricity at a competitive price.

Prius A No, No - Peugeot, Citroen And Ford Are All Greener, Says New Study – Environmental Graffiti. It looks like bad news for the Toyota Prius. A joint study between Cardiff University and Clifford Thames an automotive consultancy revealed tht far from being the greenest of the bunch, the Prius lagged behind the likes of Peugeot, Citroën, Ford, Smart, and other cars in a new environmental rating system. 

Climate Change Bill Calls for 50-cent Fuel Tax – ENN. U.S. drivers would pay a 50-cent tax on each gallon of gasoline they pump to encourage less fuel use and cut greenhouse gas emissions, under draft legislation to fight global warming released on Thursday.  

Arctic Thaw May be at "Tipping Point" – ENN. A  record melt of Arctic summer sea ice this month may be a sign that global warming is reaching a critical trigger point that could accelerate the northern thaw, some scientists say. 

Bush Under Pressure at Climate Change Conference – ENN.  President George W. Bush kicks off the second day of a conference on global warming on Friday under pressure from the world's major economies to accept binding limits on emissions of greenhouse gases. 

China Starts Countdown To Save Biodiversity By 2010 – ENN. As the rate of biodiversity loss accelerates worldwide, civil society organizations and governments are joining forces to fight the global extinction crisis.  On September 7 in
Beijing, twenty Chinese and international organizations signed the Countdown 2010 declaration, committing themselves to additional efforts to reduce biodiversity loss by the year 2010.

EU Struggles To Walk Its Talk On Climate Change – ENN. The European Union pressed world leaders this week to follow its lead in fighting climate change, but a battle looms at home over how to share the burden of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 

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