Beyond Green Building: Morning Round-Up

Posted on: September 11th, 2007 by Patrice Frey

Developing a hotter L.A. – L.A. Times.  Why high density development could be on a collision course with efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

News to Keep You in the Know:

Northeast U.S., Europe cooling use of energy to rise -- Reuters. - Energy demand for cooling is likely to be above average in northeastern parts of the United States this week, while cooling demand in northwest Europe will also rise, forecasters Meteorlogix said on Monday.

World likely to pass dangerous warming limits --Reuters. The world will probably exceed a global warming limit which the European Union calls dangerous, scientists at Britain's MetOffice Hadley Centre said on Tuesday, presenting a new, 5-year research program.

In pure Arctic air, signs of  China's economic boom -- Reuters.  From a remote snowcapped mountain in the European Arctic you can detect China in the haze.

Blogger Joel Makower takes on two topicsCoke’s announcement that it has a goal to recycle or reuse all plastic bottles, and GE’s new Earth Rewards card – GE will invest 1% of consumer purchases in carbon offset projects. provide

More on bees … Virus Is Seen as Suspect in Death of Honeybees – NYT.

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